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Guns Stopped Mass Shootings 12 Times by Good Guys With Guns

Firearms Blog December 18, 2015

Guns Stopped Mass Shootings

Guns Stopped Mass Shootings 12 Times by Good Guys With Guns.

Hopefully as you read this article, you will begin to see a pattern start to emerge that Guns Stopped Mass Shootings from becoming a lot worse these 12 times. We all want to find the “Magic Bullet” to prevent these mass shootings from happening in the first place. Stricter gun laws, banning firearms, harsher penalties for committing crimes and carrying a firearm without the proper credentials are all ideas behind how to stop these mass shootings from ever occurring, but lets be realistic; Regardless of what legislation we pass, there might not be a way to prevent these tragedies from occurring, but we can definitely lower the number of causalities by doing one simple thing:

Encouraging civilians to legally carry a firearm.

If we look at the facts and statistics and make decisions based on real data, without all the bias media lies, we can see that when there are good guys with concealed weapons who have the correct training to use that firearm are present when a mass shooting occurs, there are less casualties because that person had the ability to take heroic action and protect himself and his fellow men and women. Here are the top 12 times good guys with guns stopped mass shootings from becoming much much worse. Ask you self: if we encouraged every American to carry a concealed weapon. “How many lives could we save if and when another shooting like San Bernardino took place?

1. Pearl High School

Guns Stopped Mass Shootings

Oct. 1, 1997
Luke Woodham fatally stabbed his mother at home before opening fire at his high school, killing two students and injuring seven others. The attack was stopped when Assistant Principal Joel Myrick retrieved his .45 caliber handgun from his truck and confronted Woodham, detaining him until authorities could arrive. This is a case were Guns Stopped Mass Shootings from becoming worse.

Myrick’s action stopped Woodham from going across the street to the middle school as he had planned.

2. Parker Middle School

Guns Stopped Mass Shootings

April 24, 1998
A 14-year-old student showed up to his middle school dance carrying a .25-caliber pistol. He opened fire inside the dance, killing one teacher and wounding another as well as two students. The rampage ended when James Strand, owner of the banquet hall the dance was happening in, grabbed his personal shotgun and confronted the 14-year-old killer. Strand held the teen at gunpoint for 11 minutes before finally getting him to drop the weapon and lie on the ground and searching him for additional weapons. Without this law abiding citizen, the Guns Stopped Mass Shootings wouldn’t have applied here.

3. Appalachian School of Law

Guns Stopped Mass Shootings

Jan. 16, 2002
A 43-year-old former student armed with a .380 handgun killed Dean Anthony Sutin and Professor Thomas Blackwell with point blank shots and went on to kill fellow student Angela Dales as well as wounding three others before being confronted at gunpoint by law students Tracy Bridges, a county sheriff’s deputy, and Mikael Gross, a police officer, after retrieving their personal handguns from their vehicles. The gunman was then apprehended by other students.

Gross and Bridges lost valuable response time accessing their handguns because of the law school’s standing as a gun-free zone. Guns Stopped Mass Shootings in the past, why would we encourage gun free zones where we are sitting ducks?

4. New Life Church

Guns Stopped Mass Shootings

Dec. 9, 2007
2 parishioners were killed and 3 wounded when a gunman toting a Bushmaster AR-15 opened fire at New Hope Church. Hearing the rifle fire,  Jeanne Assam grabbed her personal concealed carry firearm and confronted the gunman from a distance of 20 yards. Guns Stopped Mass Shootings According to this article in 5280 magazine:

She fires five quick shots. Murray falls backward. Assam moves to the middle of the corridor and rushes forward. She’s a few dozen feet from Murray now, exposed in the middle of the hallway. “Drop your weapon, or I will kill you!” she yells. Murray sits up to face her. He’s still holding the rifle. Boom-boom-boom. Bullets rip past her and pepper a wall. While Murray shoots, Assam fires three times.

Through the haze of gun smoke, Assam sees the man struggling on the floor. He props his head against a wall. Her weapon is up, trained on the man. She sees his hands moving near his shoulder. He’s trying to pull the pin on a grenade. He’s going to kill everyone around here, Assam thinks. She instinctively steps back and fires two more shots.

5. New York Mills AT&T Store

Guns Stopped Mass Shootings new-york-mass-shooting-legal

May 27, 2010
A 79-year-old man entered an AT&T store in New York Mills, New York carrying a .357 magnum revolver in his hand and a list of employees he planned to kill in his pocket. Hearing the hand cannon go off, Donald J. Moore drew his own personal weapon and Guns Stopped Mass Shootings here and killed the gunman before he could complete his plan. One employee was wounded in the shooting.

6. Sullivan Central High School

Guns Stopped Mass Shootings in high school

August 30, 2010
When a 62-year-old man armed with two handguns forced his way into Sullivan Central High School in Tennessee, he was immediately engaged by School Resource Officer Carolyn Gudger. Gudger put her body between the gunman and a student and started what would turn out to be a more than 10 minute gun-to-gun encounter. Gudger used the time to slowly move the man to a less crowded part of the school. When other officers arrived on the scene, a brief gun battle erupted ending with the gunman mortally wounded. Guns Stopped Mass Shootings.

7. Freewill Baptist Church

Guns Stopped Mass Shootings at free will baptist church

March 25, 2012
Aaron Guyton was inside the recreation building of his grandfather’s church when he saw Jessie Gates, a member of the congregation, pulling a shotgun from his vehicle. Guyton leapt into action, locking the doors to the church where services were going on. Gates kicked in the door and pointed the shotgun at Rev. Henry Guyton and several parishioners. Drawing his concealed handgun, the younger Guyton held Gates at gunpoint while two members of the church took him to the ground. Guns Stopped Mass Shootings here and Rev. Guyton then took the shotgun from his hand.

8. Clackamas Town Center Mall

Guns Stopped Mass Shootings

Police and medics work the scene of a multiple shooting at Clackamas Town Center Mall in Clackamas, Ore., Tuesday Dec. 11, 2012. A gunman is dead after opening fire in the Portland, Ore., area shopping mall Tuesday, killing two people and wounding another, sheriff’s deputies said. (AP Photo/Greg Wahl-Stephens)

Dec. 11, 2012
Two people were killed and a third was seriously wounded at Clackamas Town Center near Portland, Oregon when a rifle-toting gunman opened fire in in the busy food court. Nick Meli, a shopper in the mall, drew a personally owned firearm on the gunman, who immediately retreated to a service corridor and killed himself. Meli did not fire his weapon for fear of striking bystanders yet authorities say his actions caused the gunman to cease his attack and end his own life.

9. Mystic Strip Club

Guns Stopped Mass Shootings at strip club

January 11, 2014
After being refused entry to the strip club for belligerent behavior and racist comments earlir in the night, Thomas Elliott Hjelmeland returned carrying a handgun and wearing a Halloween mask. As soon as he entered the club, Hjelmeland opened fire, striking bouncer Brian Rizzo, a patron, and a waitress. Another bouncer, Jonathan Baer drew his concealed handgun and shot Hjelmeland, killing him.

Following the attack Baer posted to Facebook: “Its a fact that Guns Stopped Mass Shootings time and time again. I did what I felt was right to stop the shooter…I carry every day, and will continue to, and will so with the hope that I will NEVER have to pull it out again.”

10. Austin, Texas Construction Site

Guns Stopped Mass Shootings at construction site

April 30, 2014
An irate former employee came to a construction site and opened fire on his co-workers. The site’s foreman, a Concealed Handgun License holder, drew his firearm and opened fire. Both men were wounded in the exchange of gunfire but the foreman’s actions ended the attack and no one else was wounded.

11. Cache Valley Hospital

Guns Stopped Mass Shootings at hospital

May 16, 2014
Armed with two handguns, a man entered the Cache Valley Hospital emergency room and began making demands. After demanding to see a doctor, he racked the slide on one of his handguns and told hospital employees “someone is going to die today”. While a security guard tried to keep the gunman’s focus on him, two corrections officers who happened to be at the hospital on an unrelated matter engaged from another direction and prove the fact that Guns Stopped Mass Shootings. The gunman was shot three times and no other people were harmed.

12. Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital

Guns Stopped Mass Shootings

July 25, 2014
A patient at a psychiatric clinic killed his case worker at point blank range and then turned his gun on his doctor, Lee Silverman, striking him several times. Before the gunman could leave the office and continue his rampage, Dr. Silverman drew his own concealed handgun and pumped three rounds into the gunman’s torso, mortally wounding him. Police and hospital staff hail Dr. Silverman as a hero and credit him with saving dozens of lives.

So what do these Mass Shootings show us about how Guns Stopped Mass Shootings?

We can see that responsible gun ownership by law abiding citizens prevents zero threat, and can can definitively say that guns stopped mass shootings these 12 times. We need to understand in this country that the threat is here and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Instead of trying to BAN ALL GUNS, we should encourage more law abiding citizens to CARRY MORE GUNS.

The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.

Based on all this overwhelming evidence, why would be want to ban legal firearms?

Political pressure and leftist thinkers believe if we ban all guns, violent crime will decrease. Just remember: CRIMINALS DO NOT FOLLOW LAWS. So regardless of what anti-gun legislation is pushed through congress, it will do absolutely nothing to stop mass shootings, and based on this article, actually cause more deaths because there will be no good guys with guns to stop the mass shooting before the police have time to respond. Its time to stop listening to the leftist propaganda and look at the facts! GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS STOPPED MASS SHOOTINGS 12 Times! We need this to happen in every mass shooting every time. This is the only way to make our communities safe, arm and train every citizen and our communities will be safer as a result.

Thank you to: Hunter Roosevelt for the great article

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How to stay alive during a Terrorist Attack

Firearms Blog November 30, 2015

how to stay alive during a terrorist attack

Ten Ways To Avoid Being Killed During A Terrorist Attack

How to stay alive during a terrorist attack


In light of Friday’s terrorist attacks, it seems only a matter of time before similar incidents occur in the U.S. The question many people are asking is “What would I do if suddenly in a situation like Paris?”  To help answer that question, Florida Gun Classifieds has a created a list of ten things you can do to avoid becoming a casualty in the “War on Terror.”

  1. Realize it WILL happen here – This isn’t a paranoid statement: it is a simple unpleasant fact based upon intelligence gathering efforts, expert opinion, and common sense. At some point, it is likely there will be a coordinated, Paris-type attack in the U.S. on schools, shopping malls, sporting events, or other mass-gathering areas. And, don’t think it would happen only in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles because what would be better to create fear (the ultimate goal of terrorist action) than by killing dozens or hundreds of people at a school in rural Mississippi or a shopping mall in Montana?
  2. Always carry a concealed firearm where legal – Carrying a firearm is a lifestyle habit, not something you should do only occasionally or when you feel it is likely there will be trouble. Odds are, you won’t correctly guess the date, time and place of life-threatening violence. A concealed firearm in the hands of a responsible and trained individual is statistically one of the best tools available to stop mass killings.
  3. Improvised weapons are within reach – If you cannot or choose not to carry a firearm, there are always effective weapons within your immediate area so learn to use them. Whenever unarmed in a public area, make it a habit (or game) to choose three nearby items that would make a good weapon if things turn dire.
  4. Know where exits are located – Many people die during all types of emergencies because they don’t know where exits are located.  This should be the first thing you do, above all else, whenever situated in a public place.
  5. Act decisively – The “immediate action drill” during an attack is either fight or flee. Don’t mill around, waiting for instruction or to gain a better idea of what is happening. Flee the area when you have an opportunity or instantly attack a threat if one presents itself. The old chestnut is still true: “To Ponder is to Perish.”
  6. Be alert to people and unusual circumstances – Most folks wouldn’t see a large pink gorilla wandering down the hallway and certainly won’t see a suspicious individual fiddling with wires under a long trench coat on a hot day. You don’t have to glare at every passerby but simply maintain a loose focus for unusual patterns of activity within your surroundings. This is also known as “Maintaining Condition Yellow.”
  7. “If you see something, say something.” – Cops everywhere have stories of witnesses who said after a crime, ‘I wasn’t sure what was going on and I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.’  If you see people or objects that look suspicious, notify the authorities immediately. There is no punishment for being mistaken but there are huge consequences to being correct but not sharing the information.
  8. There is one more bomb/attack/assailant – Experience has shown that attackers are increasingly planning not only their initially assault, but follow-up actions such as secondary or even tertiary explosives and attackers. Such actions not only increase the “shock and awe” of the incident but cause additional carnage and damage the emergency response system.
  9. Have a basic understanding of trauma medical care – in the aftermath of a bombing or shooting incident, many people will be bleeding to death and you have two or three minutes to save lives.  This means you need to understand mass-casualty triage principals and some basic tactical combat casualty care (TCCC) techniques. Be ready to provide aid such as tourniquets, spinal immobilization and safe patient evacuation from threatening circumstances.
  10. Trust your intuition – If something ‘feels’ dangerous or simply makes you uneasy, trust your inner voices. This inner dialog might be wrong, but then again, you may have subconsciously picked up subtle environmental clues that you “can’t quite put your finger on,” but are real nonetheless. At the very least, move to a safer position or relocate to where you can more easily escape a potential kill zone.

It is not hyperbole to state that we are all now terrorism responder’s because the avowed goal of Daesh and other such groups is to bring death and destruction to Mainstreet U.S.A. However, with planning and preparation individual citizens can sometimes prevent, often shorten and effectively respond to mass killing incidents.

The world is changing quickly, and you need to adapt to stay alive. Would you rather be prepared, armed and ready to take out any threat? Or be that victim that is just another number added to the body count on the nightly news? Ask yourself: Do I know how to stay alive during a terrorist attack? Am I ready to neutralize any threat that happens to present itself at anytime? Daytime, nighttime, on the bus, in a mall, at a restaurant, walking the dog, driving to work, picking up the kids, cashing your check. Can I protect not only myself but the people around me at any given moment in time?

It is now our civil duty as Americans to be able to defend not only ourselves, but one another. In a time that will go down in history as the one of the most divisive times in American history, when our own president seeks to divide his people and pitted neighbor against neighbor, brother against sister, black against white, citizens against police, maybe this is God’s way of bringing Americans together once again for a higher purpose: To protect innocent lives against radical Islamic trash who seek to destroy our way of life. Remember, the enemy is unknown, he is not wearing any uniform, and cannot be distinguished from you or I. They are trained to blend in with us, live among us, eat, sleep, walk and shop with us. Essentially, they are us. The only thing that separates them from us is their ideology. They want us dead and we want to stay alive.

Remember these three words: ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYONE. You must practice situational awareness. It has to be your new way of life. Knowing everything that is happening around you at all times, and if something is out of place or seems like it doesn’t belong, you can’t just brush it off like we all used to on a daily basis. YOU MUST BE PREPARED TO ACT AT THE DROP OF A DIME AND TRAIN TO KILL THESE SCUMBAGS QUICKLY AND EFFECTIVELY. Referred to as Operation Kratos, Shooting an active target once is insufficient. You must train to NEUTRALIZE any threat by shooting the target multiple times, aiming directly for the BRAIN STEM. You must assume they are planning to detonate an explosive device AKA the suicide vest every time, and you must eliminate their ability to detonate their device by severing their spinal cord so they loose the ability to press that button and detonate their suicide vest. Suicide bombers are likely to detonate their devices as soon as they realize they had been identified. Tactics must ensure immediate incapacitation to give the bomber no opportunity to detonate the bomb. These tactics were developed by London’s Metropolitan Police Service for dealing with suspected suicide bombers, and teaches firing multiple shots into the head without warning, specifically aiming for the BRAIN STEM which is at the base of the head, connecting the head to the spine. The tactics were developed shortly after the September 11th , 2001 attacks, based in part on consultation with Israeli and Sri Lankan law enforcement agencies on how to deal with suicide bombers.

As soon as a threat is identified, there is no time for hesitation, not even a second. Draw your firearm, and unload every round in your magazine directly at the base of the head of the terrorist. Make sure you have extra magazines because most attacks are not carried out by a single individual. Multiple attackers is a real and likely threat.

After eliminating the first threat, quickly reload your firearm and scan the area for additional threats. Look for the person or people that are not running away from the shooting, but coming toward you or any area where there are a lot of people all in one spot. Anyone that is watching what is unfolding instead of running away could be that second possible threat. Aim your firearm directly at their brain stem and start giving verbal commands to show and raise their hands above their head. If they do not respond, this is a situation where you must assess the threat quickly and correctly to determine whether or not to engage.

Ask yourself:

  1. what is the demeanor of the supposed target?
    1. is their fear on his face? or is he emotionless and cold?
    2. is their panic expressed on his face or is he calculating and stoned faced?
    3. if he were to detonate a suicide vest, are you or others in immediate danger? or has everyone ran far enough that minimal loss of life would take place if he were to blow himself up?
      1. if this is the case, give commands to keep his hands up in the air and stay where he is until authorities arrive or everyone is far enough away that he is no longer a threat to you or anyone else.
      2. depending on what he does next will give you a better understanding of what his intentions are, and whether or not you have to shoot.

IMPORTANT: In these types of situations, chaos will ensue. People will be irrational and make many mistakes, including police and other possible concealed weapons holders. Although you are not the threat, you must understand that other people do not know this. YOU CAN BE MISTAKENLY SEEN AS THE THREAT, so you must do everything in your power to let everyone know you are one of the good guys.

  1. SCREAM LOAD VERBAL COMMANDS: make sure it is known exactly what your intentions are, by verbalizing everything you are doing load enough that everyone can hear you are attempting to protect them by trying to neutralize a suspected threat.
  2. TELL OTHERS TO CALL 911 AND TELL THE DISPATCHER YOU ARE THE GOOD GUY: do whatever you can to have someone dial 911 and make sure they tell the dispatcher exactly what is going on, and especially what you are wearing to avoid the police mistakenly thinking you are the threat. This might not be a feasible option with the panic happening all around you especially while you are making life or death decisions and scanning the area for additional threats. If possible dial 911 on your cell phone and put the phone somewhere that the dispatcher can hear your verbal commands. In between commands or whenever possible, scream “911 dispatcher I have the suspect at gun point, I am wearing a *whatever color shirt you are wearing* shirt, tell your officers I am not a threat and not to shoot, the suspect is wearing *describe the suspect* and I suspect he is wearing a suicide vest warn your officers to approach with caution” and repeat this saying over and over again, as loud as possible. You want everyone in the area to know exactly what your intentions are. This will increase the odds of you staying alive from other individuals carrying a firearm and the police when they arrive on the scene.

This is where professional training makes the difference between life and death. Proper training will give you better insight on the difference between a an innocent civilian that is panicked and frozen with fear and a terrorist trying to murder innocent civilians and first responders. Seconds count, you have to be as prepared as possible for anything and everything.  There is no training like this for civilians, concealed weapons holders do not have the ability to train for something like this, it just doesn’t exist. So it’s really up to you to train yourself to handle this type of situation.

Practice and proficiency with your firearm will build confidence and allow you to keep a level head in time of chaos. 

One thing these terrorists did not anticipate is for all Americans to be armed and prepared to fight back at any given time, anywhere. The government has failed to protect us against enemies, foreign and domestic.  It’s time to take your life into your own hands, and increase the odds in your favor.

Although having a concealed weapon is one of the first steps in being prepared, simply carrying a firearm does not mean you are prepared to deal with this type of threat. I estimate 95% of concealed weapon permit holders would not perform well in this type of situation. This is no ones fault, remember, this is a new type of threat we are facing. With new threats comes new types of required training. The more training you familiarize your self with the better off you and the people around you will be.

If you want more information on how to stay alive during a terrorist attack or would like to get professional firearms training, contact me and refuse to be a victim. You don’t have to be a statistic. It doesn’t matter your age, sex, weight, height or build. Anyone and everyone should and can become proficient with a firearm. You could be the only thing between one or more of these scumbags murdering you and everyone around you. You can and should be the person that has the ability to take out these fucking scumbag when seconds count in a life or death scenario. You have the choice to be the wolf or the sheep. I choose to be a wolf, I train to be a wolf, and when the time comes to act, I will be the wolf. What do you choose to be? The better question is: WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO BECOME THE WOLF YOU NEED TO BE TO STAY ALIVE?

Best Regards,
Matt Adika
Florida Gun Classifieds
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Story: My Concealed Carry Firearm Saved My Life

Firearms Blog, Uncategorized August 25, 2014

florida concealed carry

Why Every American Should Carried a Concealed Firearm

“Why do you have to carry a gun?”

“What are you so afraid of?”

“You must be really paranoid?”

“If you pull your firearm, you must use it! are you ready to kill another human?”

These were some of the things I hear constantly from my Liberal friends. They live in their own bubble where the sexual assaults, rapes, and murders are just something you see on the nightly news, but could never happen to them and so they cannot understand why I have a Concealed Carry Firearm. I want to know that if god forbid I ever was confronted with one of these situations, I know I have a damn good chance of making it home that night. I choose to Carry a Concealed Firearm because I do not want to be one of those people on the 6:00 news that did make it home. They just don’t understand that criminals do not care who you are or what you have, some people in this world are just ruthless and will do anything to satisfy their evil desires.

My story is one of a woman traveling alone, in the middle of the day, on a rural highway and came up behind an older model, slow moving pickup truck with a middle aged man driving it. I noticed after a mile or two that he was making sexual gestures in his side mirror at me. So, the next opportunity I had to pass him, I did. Should be the end of that story, right? Well unfortunately it got much worse. Now he was tailgating me down the hill coming into town and now had my whole rear-view mirror to work with. He started taking off his shirt and looked to be touching himself. I was mortified to say the least. I blew through a yellow light and turned onto a busy highway and he stopped for the red light. I pulled into a gas station not far down the road because I needed to use the restroom and wanted to get something to drink. Not the best idea, looking back. I waited with my doors locked until I saw that he had moved on and passed me up. I had parked nose in facing the convenience store and he pulled in behind me and blocked my car in. This is when I grabbed my Concealed Carry Firearm a walther pk380 and had it ready to go. He came up to my door and reached for the handle only to see me holding my Concealed Carry Firearm in my hand and turning to aim at him. He just had to see the gun in my hands to send him scrambling back to his vehicle to hurry and drive away. I called in the plates to the police and it was all over with but I was on high alert for several days following. I have told my story countless times and about 70% of the time, someone will ignorantly say to me, “if you have to pull your firearm, you must use it!” I’m sorry but these people are very WRONG! In my case, I had several things working against my being able to shoot.

// ]]>

  1. He was at an angle next to my vehicle that I was not able to get a clear shot.
  2. Second, there were a lot of cars and people around and if I missed I could have hurt someone else who was not involved.
  3. Also, he was not carrying any kind of weapon to assault me with

You always have to consider the aftermath of shooting someone in self defense. If all things were working together, I was prepared to shoot but my situational awareness kicked in and it was not a good option. There are other instances of not shooting but being able to safely mediate a situation just by having your firearm in hand. I recently watched this video which started my train of thought on writing this piece. Not every situation where you are forced to pull a firearm needs to end in tragedy. Post by Urban Moxy – Concealed Carry Handbags The other example I can recall is the Clackamas mall shooting in Oregon a couple years ago. This was where I grew up so it hit very close to home and I visited the mall and paid my respects to the people who lost their lives on that tragic day. It could have been much worse than it turned out though. I think it was only reported locally that the shooter ended up killing himself because he saw a man had a pistol locked on him but was unable to shoot him because of all the people around and was not comfortable taking the shot at the risk of hurting another innocent person. The media didn’t spend very long on this story because it was very close to the Sandy Hook shooting but I think it was also because it had an outcome that didn’t agree with the anti-gun narrative. This man is the hero in my book! Concealed Carry

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    Terrorist Attack, the worst word one can hear in today’s world, is becoming such a common event in our country that every time I turn on the television, I almost expect to hear about another terrorist attack that took place right here on American soil. When are we going to wake up and actually do something about […]

  • Guns Stopped Mass Shootings

    Guns Stopped Mass Shootings 12 Times by ...

    by on December 18, 2015 - 1 Comment

    Guns Stopped Mass Shootings 12 Times by Good Guys With Guns. Hopefully as you read this article, you will begin to see a pattern start to emerge that Guns Stopped Mass Shootings from becoming a lot worse these 12 times. We all want to find the “Magic Bullet” to prevent these mass shootings from happening in […]

  • Terrorist Training Camps America

    Video Proof of Terrorist Training Camps ...

    by on November 30, 2015 - 0 Comments

    Here is 100% proof that there are Terrorist Training Camps America.  Enter your email below so we can get important information to you about Terrorist Training Camps America and our plan to organize and get our elected representatives to TAKE ACTION! Don’t wait any longer. This needs to be stopped! UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL! […]

  • how to stay alive during a terrorist attack

    How to stay alive during a Terrorist Att...

    by on November 30, 2015 - 0 Comments

    Ten Ways To Avoid Being Killed During A Terrorist Attack   In light of Friday’s terrorist attacks, it seems only a matter of time before similar incidents occur in the U.S. The question many people are asking is “What would I do if suddenly in a situation like Paris?”  To help answer that question, Florida […]

  • Custom Build AR15 SBR

    Custom Build AR15 SBR Short Barrel Rifle...

    by on November 24, 2015 - 0 Comments

    Let us Custom Build AR15 SBR of your dreams! I’ve always wanted bad ass Custom Build AR15 SBR, I’ve just been so busy I never got around to doing it. Well, lets just say an opportunity presented itself and a $300 lower turned into a $2500 bad ass Custom Build AR15 SBR. The video below […]

  • How to Survive an Active Shooter Event

    How to Survive an Active Shooter Event (...

    by on November 22, 2015 - 2 Comments

    Everyday we go about our lives. Going to work, picking up the kids from school, shopping for dinner, or going out to eat with our loved ones. But what if on one of these regular routine days, some lunatic decides to go on a killing rampage and your in the same place at the wrong […]

  • Terror suspects legally purchased guns

    Terror suspects legally purchased guns i...

    by on November 22, 2015 - 0 Comments

    Terror suspects legally purchased guns in the United States from 2004 to 2014 says FBI This statement was taken from a new FBI study that was recently released. Now when hearing something like this, your immediate reaction might be to scream “WHAT THE F*#&$?” and take your computer screen and throw it at the TV […]

  • 4473 government

    Gun Control Conspiracy – An FFL...

    by on October 8, 2015 - 0 Comments

    Joe Shmo who is a member of 73 gun enthusiast groups on facebook, posts anti-Obama memes all over his facebook wall, likes every page recommended to him that has anything to do with 2nd amendment, guns, freedom, liberty, has a chick with big tits holding a gun in the profile pic, it doesn't matter what it is as long as its red, white and blue and releated to guns you are BOUT THAT GUN LIFE, with your new profile pic which just recently has been updated to a video of you shooting a fully automatic AR-15 while the picture above has a picture of your safe with about 15 or so firearms, all while you constantly buying and selling guns on every group, forum and website ever created online.

  • glock 42 giveaway

    Glock 42 Gun Giveaway Contest Winner Ann...

    by on August 2, 2015 - 1 Comment

    Glock 42 Gun Giveaway Contest Congratulations to: Pinellas99 Every six months Florida Gun Classifieds conducts a  GUN GIVEAWAY to our members who like, share and post guns for sale on our site! Our Glock 42 Gun Giveaway had over 7,000 people who participated! We will continue to give away firearms to THANK everyone who is helping us become the #1 site in Florida […]

  • download app

    Download App – Florida Gun Classif...

    by on July 18, 2015 - 0 Comments

    Download App – Florida Gun Classifieds App for iPhone Click Here to Download the APP!   Download App for Florida Gun Classifieds The Download App for Florida Gun Classifieds will be updating constantly to be able to see our Facebook feed as well as Instagram and other local guns for sale! Download App for iPhone […]

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