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Central Florida Gun Sale

Central Florida Gun Sale

Florida Gun Trader SUCKS BALLS! - Florida Gun Classifieds is the SHIT.

Stop Spending all of your time posting to Florida Gun Trader AKA the whore of Firearms Classifieds. All the site does is bombard you with tabloid style advertisements trying to sell you garbage. Why should you have to pay for your firearms to show up at the top of the site? Why does Florida Gun Trader automatically add a $1.50 "support our site" fee to every post? You are supporting their garbage site just by looking at all of those horrible ads!


Florida Gun Classifieds does not have one ad on our site because FLORIDA GUN CLASSIFIEDS IS A TRUELY FREE FIREARMS LISTING SITE. We don't need to profit off you looking at the newest pictures of the TOP 10 WORST CELEBRITY HAIRCUTS OF ALL TIME or try to sell you the NEXT PILL TO MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE HULK. That is what sleazy websites like Florida Ad Trader does because they suck at life.

Why are you even still using such an archaic site? It makes me want to break my computer looking at that Shitty website, and we don't want your to break your computer. So break that old habit of going to Florida Gun Trader's shitty ugly horrible website and start posting on Florida Gun Classifieds for the love of all things sacred and your computer will thank you.

Florida Gun Classifieds is about to release a revolutionary platform never before seen by the firearms industry. SO ABANDON SHIP from sites like Florida Gun Trader before they bring you down with them!

Thank you



Magnum R.Desert Eagle 50 AE

50 A.E. configurations, the stainless steel Desert Eagle is available in a standard 6-inch barrel version and another with an integral muzzle brake for reducing […]

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nib ROCK ISLAND M206 spurless – 38spc cc 6 shot revolver

This revolver reminds me of the Shay Model A convertibles that were sold in the 1980’s through Ford dealers. They took modern mechanical features, and […]

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Diamondback DB380 very small and thin C.C. pistol

Today, there’s a plethora of small handguns chambered in .380 ACP. There are so many that it’s easy to forget that Diamondback Firearms LLC of […]

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FN 5.7 MK2 FDE

Like new FN 5.7 MK2 in FDE. Has 100rds of SS198LF through it. Gun is 99.99%. Comes in factory FN case with everything included from […]

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NIB Hi-Point .380 Semi Auto Pistol w/Lifetime Warranty

NIB Hi-Point .380 Semi Auto Pistol w/Lifetime Warranty. Hi-points always go bang when you pull the trigger, and are very accurate So they won’t win […]

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BNIB Taurus M380 Revolver SS 1.75″ 5 Shot Ultralite chambered in .380...

Manufacturer :Taurus Weapon Model :M380 Ultralite Category :Handgun Model :M380 Ultralite Action :Double Caliber :380 ACP Weight :1.350 Barrel Length :1.8″ Sights :Fixed Frame Material […]

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WTS 300 blackout upper

aero precision 8″ barrel pistol upper, 7″ aero precision quad rail, less then 50 rounds through, works perfect just no longer need. Comes with front […]

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WTS 300 Blackout ammo

36 rounds of gemtech 147 gr supersonic, 16 rounds of horandy 135 gr FTX, 16 rounds of American eagle Sub sonic 220 gr, 40 rounds […]

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WTS Hk p30 9mm V3

non safety p30 v3 9mm, lightly used, $700 Possibly accept offers. Please no trades.cash only comes with everything in pictures! please email

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BNIB Taurus PT709 Conceal Carry 9mm Pistol

This is a brand new pistol covered by Taurus’s lifetime warranty. Great conceal carry. First quality firearm. Extremely light and very narrow. It’s what you […]

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Nice .22lr Intratec Tec-22 Tactical Assault Pistol

For a used gun, the finish looks very good, except some rubb off on the slide by the bolt window as shown in the photos. […]

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NIB Jimenez Highly Polished .380 acp Pistol

This is a highly polished chrome finished pistol. If your outside when the bad guy comes, assuming its a sunny day, the glare off the […]

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BNIB Pink Cobra .380 acp Freedom Series Pistol

Models: FS380 Calibers: .380acp Capacity: .380acp (7 rounds) Sights: Fixed Barrel Length: 3.5″ Overall Length: 6.4″ Weight: 24oz Empty Frame Material: Alloy Action: Single In […]

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Very Nice Intratec AB10 9mm Tactical Assault Pistol

Clean Intratec AB10 9mm assault pistol. Comes with a 30 round mag (my best guess as to capacity- maybe 50rd since double stacked) anda new […]

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NIB Heritage Rough Rider Combo Revolver – .22 LR & .22mag , 6.5&#...

With both a .22lr and .22 magnum cylinder, its like having two guns in one. Born of the Traditions of the Old West, the Rough […]

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