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Central Florida Gun Sale

Central Florida Gun Sale

Florida Gun Trader SUCKS BALLS! - Florida Gun Classifieds is the SHIT.

Stop Spending all of your time posting to Florida Gun Trader AKA the whore of Firearms Classifieds. All the site does is bombard you with tabloid style advertisements trying to sell you garbage. Why should you have to pay for your firearms to show up at the top of the site? Why does Florida Gun Trader automatically add a $1.50 "support our site" fee to every post? You are supporting their garbage site just by looking at all of those horrible ads!


Florida Gun Classifieds does not have one ad on our site because FLORIDA GUN CLASSIFIEDS IS A TRUELY FREE FIREARMS LISTING SITE. We don't need to profit off you looking at the newest pictures of the TOP 10 WORST CELEBRITY HAIRCUTS OF ALL TIME or try to sell you the NEXT PILL TO MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE HULK. That is what sleazy websites like Florida Ad Trader does because they suck at life.

Why are you even still using such an archaic site? It makes me want to break my computer looking at that Shitty website, and we don't want your to break your computer. So break that old habit of going to Florida Gun Trader's shitty ugly horrible website and start posting on Florida Gun Classifieds for the love of all things sacred and your computer will thank you.

Florida Gun Classifieds is about to release a revolutionary platform never before seen by the firearms industry. SO ABANDON SHIP from sites like Florida Gun Trader before they bring you down with them!

Thank you



GLOCK 42 Viridian Reactor RTL, tac light & instant on holster NIB

Back Description The Viridian Reactor RTL tactical pistol light is ideal for handling threats in any dark situation thanks to its instant-on and Radiance Lighting […]

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WW2 British Enfield Rifle

WW2 British Enfield Rifle. Has been sporterized. Has US Property markings which is tough to find. Dated 1942 so I’m certain it saw some heavy […]

30 total views, 4 today



Glock 17 G17 Gen 5 Gen5 Ameriglo Bold Night Sights 9mm PA1750303AB NEW IN B...

Download the app wickr and contact me! User name/wickr ID: ukmedsman All Submachine Guns are Suppressor Ready on request (no extra cost) We sell ammo […]

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trapdoor rifle 2


US Springfield Trapdoor Rifle

US Springfield Trapdoor Rifle with “New Jersey” plate attached to stock. Serial number 313739 which dates this rifle to 1886. Stock has cartouche. Bore has […]

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Mossberg 500 plus ammo

selling my new, never even loaded Mossberg 500 Persuader 8-shot 12ga. Shot gun with 20 boxes (10 shells each) Hornady Critical Defense and 3 boxes […]

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Khar CT9

Khar CT9, 9mm, with original box, one clip, receipt, holster, like new.

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Hornady TAP-FPD 45 ACP AUTO 230 Grain +P Jacketed Hollow Point Ammunition

7 boxes, 20 rounds in each box, 140 rounds total. $0.90 per round, $18.00 per box.

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223 Remington 55 Grs.

I have 600 rounds made by PMC Ammunition still in the boxes. Also have 199 more rounds in a bag, also PMC Ammo. $0.25 per […]

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Vortex Sparc 2 Red dot

Adjustable Brightness. Comes with High mount, Low mount, and two batteries.

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UTG 3-12×44 Mini SWAT Mil-dot Scope

Pristine condition. Accushot Adjustable Side Wheel Turret. Mil-dot, green and red “EZ Tap” illuminated reticle. Twist-lock mounts. Angled bell. Zero-locking rings.

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Mossberg MMR Tactical 65010 16.25″ Barrel .223 Rem / 5.56 NATO

AR-15 made by Mossberg. Less than two-hundred rounds shot through. Has a Stark SE-1 pistol grip. Adjustable buttstock. Quadrail. Removable Iron Sights.

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Colt .38


Detective Special

Owned by a retired Police Officer selling off-duty weapon. Has regular wooden grips and a belt clip-on grip Very good condition

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SAR BP6 9, Mags, ammo, holister

4.5” barrel, 3 MAGS, 200 rounds of 9MM, Blackhawk holister

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S&W 40 cal shield

Brand new never used all black s&w shield

80 total views, 1 today



Custom Colt M4- lots of Upgrades

Looking to sell my M4 carbine rifle. I have over 2000 into it and only 400rds through it. Mint condition, all high-end quality parts. 1250 […]

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