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What is the best gun for concealed carry?

Firearms Blog, Uncategorized June 27, 2014

florida concealed carry

Concealed Carry: What is the best gun for concealed carry?


To determine what is the best gun for concealed carry you first have to look at the individual that will be carrying the firearm and ask yourself a couple of key questions:

  • How do you normally dress?
  • Do you always wear a belt?
  • Is your wardrobe tight fitting or loose?
  • How much experience do you have with firearms?

These are all questions that should be considered and addressed before searching the gun listings on Florida Gun Classifieds, to help you zero in on a specific gun to carry on a daily basis. Searching the Gun listings on Florida Gun Classifieds for guns for sale to find the best concealed carry firearm is a good way to find a gun that you will actually carry everyday, every night, everywhere you go. If you decide to do what I did when I first started carrying a firearm, to get the biggest, baddest gun with the most capacity and the largest caliber, I promise you that will probably last for about a month. You eventually will decide, “I’m just going down the street to the gas station, I’m not going to need it, ill just leave it in the safe.” and you’ll find any excuse not to bring the gun for the simple fact its too damn heavy and uncomfortable! Then you will be back searching the gun listings on Florida Gun Classifieds for guns for sale real quick. I learned my lesson on that one.


The best gun for concealed carry is a firearm that will feel like you are not carrying a gun, almost like your phone does in your pocket. The gun must be easily accessible and you must know the firearm inside and out. While searching the gun listings on Florida Gun Classifieds for guns for sale make sure you keep this in mind. One way to ensure you will be carrying correctly is to spend the money on a good quality holster. A holster should fit your specific firearm like a glove, covering the trigger guard completely. Weather you chose inside or outside the waist, the gun should be able to be drawn without any delay or obstruction. This goes back to the question about what type of clothes do you normally wear. If you wardrobe consists of jeans, a belt and loose fitting shirts, then an outside the pants holster will be the holster of choice. The outside the pants holster will always be more comfortable then an inside the waist holster. It will allow you to carry the firearm securely and also access the firearm quickly, while allowing you flexibility to do things such as get in and out of your car with ease, sit down comfortably without being stuck in the stomach and encourage you to carry more often than not. There are different versions of outside the pants holsters, and my favorite is a leather/kydex hybrid that securely holds the firearm, while providing the comfort of leather against the body.

If your wardrobe consists of mostly shorts without a belt, basketball shorts, t-shirts etc, then an inside the pants holster is probably the best choice. There are different versions of these available as well from leather, kydex, and also synthetic materials. My preference is a small leather or kydex IWB (inside the waistband) holster that covers the trigger guard completely. This will provide just enough material to securely hold the firearm while keeping the gun at a fingertips reach securely in place wherever you clip it. It should not move or slide around on your waist. While viewing the gun listings on Florida Gun Classifieds for your perfect concealed carry gun for sale, think about how you will be carrying the firearm before making a decision.

With any concealed firearm, training is an essential part of carrying. Without adequate practice drawing your firearm, the same gun you are concealing to protect yourself is essentially useless. The FBI statistics are that the average self defense shooting happens in under three seconds and consists of three shots. If you have to fumble to draw your firearm, you are too late. You should be able to draw your gun in under a second, and shoot at least two shots without aiming. This takes practice, especially to be accurate!  If you think buying a gun and sticking it in your pants will protect you from the bad guys, think again. Without adequate training your firearm is useless, and can even be used against you. You will find all kinds of guns for sale by viewing the gun listings on Florida Gun Classifieds. After purchasing a gun it is essential that you either practice with that firearm until you can draw, shoot and re-holster without hesitation.

I laugh at people that tell me they do not carry a round in the chamber, and then try to educate them on the reality that you will not have time to rack the slide in a real life self defense situation. If you do have time to rack the slide and draw down on someone, is it really an IMMEDIATE THREAT? Think about this: Imagine your life is in imminent danger and there is a camera surveilling the area. Your attacker approaches and you draw your firearm, hold it up, rack the slide, draw down on your attacker and shoot. Think about how that would look on the camera or how it would look to a jury. Although you might be legally justified, it looks horrible and a anti-gun prosecutor would try to take you down. Now the same situation with a round already chambered. You pull your firearm and shoot. Can you see how each scenario looks to an average person or juror with little or no firearm experience?

The best way to select a concealed carry firearm from the gun listings on Florida Gun Classifieds is to find a gun for sale that fits your wardrobe, obtain a proper holster and get professional training to build your skills. This is the key to concealed carry to encourage you to carry 100% of the time comfortably and ready for the unthinkable.

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