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Matt Adika is president and creator of Florida Gun Classifieds http://FloridaGunClassifieds.com which is an online marketplace for Floridians to buy and sell firearms.

Matt is also a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer and has a brick and mortar gun shop in Coral Springs, Fl.

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He is an NRA certified instructor and teaches firearm training classes.



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FN 57 Sale – Build your custom FN Firearm today at FN57SALE.com

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FN 5.7 is the ultimate weapon for any situation The FN Five-seveN® pistol was developed in the early 1990s and features a cold hammer-forged barrel […]

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AR500 Level III+ Lightweight hard body armor w/ banshee plate carrier &...

We will have the AR500 level III+ Lightweight plates curved with line-X buildup and bashes plate carriers next week! Comes with chest mount holster, m4 […]

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KRISS VECTOR CRB 16″ Enhanced Combat Grey Rifle or FDE SDP Pistol 5.5...

Kriss Vector CRB 16″ Enhanced 9mm Rifle – COMBAT GREY – $1599 PROMOCODE: none needed already discounted to $1599 Buy now at https://fn57sale.com click on new […]

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FN 57 MKII Review – Buy FN 57 Now

Firearms Blog March 24, 2015

fn 57

FN 57 was tested and shot with SS190, SS192, SS195, SS197, SS198LF and American Eagle ammo against a 15 pound Ham, a frozen turkey and AR500 Level III hard body armor.

Florida Gun Classifieds is proud to have just launched a brand new website that sells only FN 57 and FNH USA firearms!



Best prices and selection on all FNH USA FIREARMS!

fn 57

FN 57 MK2 Review was one of my favorite videos to shoot. I love the Five seveN Mk2. I believe it is the best pistol hands down to any other on the market. It allows the shooter a variety of different ammunition for different practical purposes. Before we begin, lets lay out the different ammo used in the shoot and explain what each is designed to do.

  • American Eagle .40 grain – Used for cheap target practice
  • SS197SR 40 grain – Sporting Round used for target practice or to hunt varmint
  • SS196 – 40 grain – Vmax bullet that was replaced with the SS197SR
  • SS195 – 27 grain – hollow point that is used for various purposes.
  • SS192 – 28 grain hollow point (banned in 2004 for is potential armor penetrating capabilities.
  • SS198LF – 27 grain hollow point (used by LEO/MILITARY for its devastating effects on soft tissue. The projectile is designed on impact to tumble causing massive destruction to soft tissue as the video will show.
  • SS190 – 28 grain steel core black tip designed as Armor Penetrating Ammunition.


In my FN 57 MK2 Review we shot each of these rounds at various objects. The first being a 15 pound ham. You get to see how the pistol shoots first, then we show you a full speed closeup of the Ham being shot, then the slow mo footage where you can see which rounds do the most damage.



In the second shoot of the FN 57 MK2 Review we shoot the same sequence of rounds at a frozen turkey which does not exit the turkey. Didn’t expect it to it was pretty much a solid rock a ice.

In the third shoot of the FN 57 MK2 Review we shoot each of the rounds again at AR500 level III hard body armor to see what the sequence of rounds would do, and then shoot four SS190 AP Black Tips at the plate. The AR500 Armor is designed to withstand a shot from a .308, so we weren’t expecting much.

fn 57

Check out the Video Below and see for yourself how the FN 57 MK2 Review went, and please leave your comments below.

If you would like to see some more footage of the day, visit out youtube channel @FloridaGunClassified and subscribe to see more reviews and shoots from myself.

Enjoy the FN 57 MK2 Review, leave some comments below and share on your facebook and social sites!








Matt Adika
Florida Gun Classifieds
11070 Wiles Rd.
Coral Springs, Fl. 33076
Tel:  (954) 805-3440
Fax: (954) 227-2877
Email: matt@floridagunclassifieds.com
Web: http://floridagunclassifieds.com
Store: Online Gun Store

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Liberty Civil Defense Ammo For Sale

Firearms Blog March 7, 2015


Liberty Civil Defense Ammo For Sale


Liberty Civil Defense Ammo Review

Whats up with this aluminum hollow point ammo I keep hearing about?

When I first heard about Liberty Civil Defense ammunition, I was one of the first to dismiss this new light aluminum ammunition as another marketing gimmick, but the ammo intrigued me so I decided to do some research and see what this ammo was all about. I immediately noticed how light the bullets when compared to the other personal defense ammunition on the market. 50 grain for a 9mm bullet? What were they thinking! But then after reading further, I saw how fast this projectile traveled. 2000 feet per second! I was impressed. My Five seveN ammunition travels about 2300 feet per second out of a 5” barrel, and its a 27 grain bullet with a rifle style cartridge. I began thinking back to high school physics which reminded me, MASS x VELOCITY = MOMENTUM. So a lighter bullet traveling twice as fast as a heavier bullet should have a similar total energy disbursement and therefore similar results right? This is what I was determined to find out.

What is Liberty Civil Defense Ammo?

Civil Defense is the company’s line of civilian ammunition. It is designed to quickly incapacitate a violent attacker by causing massive hemorrhaging, while still allowing for enough penetration to reach vital organs and crush bones. These ammunition cartridges use a monolithic copper bullet that is lighter a normal bullet of the same caliber. These bullets achieve extremely high velocities from standard handguns. Unlike some of Liberty’s predecessors that have been offered in the past from companies like Corbon, Liberty’s bullets use a deep hollow point design which upon impact of soft tissue, forces the bullet to fragment causing massive damage.


I read a few different articles around the internet and each article had a different opinion on the effectiveness of this ammunition, but none of these geniuses actually did any real world testing with the ammunition. They just assumed that because of the lighter weight, the bullet would have a hard time penetrating barriers such as thick denim, glass, car doors and other dense materials. “you need to have 18 inches of penetration according to the experts” I kept hearing. 18”? I don’t know about you, but shoot me with a bullet that penetrates 18” and the person who was unlucky to be behind me is also going to end up with a hole in them as well. So after hours of research, I was no closer to finding out the answer to my question. “Is this ammo any good?” So instead of waste anymore time with wanna be internet ballistics guru’s, I decided to pack up my toys, grab some of the most common barriers one would encounter in a real world scenario, and head out to the Florida Everglades to set up my own test of this super light super fast ammunition. I was finally going to actually figure out whats really going on with this Liberty Civil Defense Ammo.

To prepare for the shoot I gathered the following barriers to test the ammo on:
  1. 3/4” Sheet Rock to simulate a home wall
  2. 1/2” Sheet Rock again to simulate a wall or similar barrier
  3. 1/4” Particle board  which could simulate a table or some light barrier
  4. A door from a Volkswagen  Jetta
  5. Automobile glass
  6. Thin sheet metal to put behind the barriers so we could see what the exit holes looked like.


We also wanted to test the most common calibers that the everyday person would be carrying in their firearm, so we brought four different firearms that each shot a different caliber.

  1. Keltec .380 1.875” barrel with Liberty .380 50 grain bullet at 1500 fps
  2. Beretta Nano 9mm 3” barrel with Liberty 9mm 50 grain bullet at 2000 fps
  3. Sig Sauer P229 .40 S&W 4” barrel with Liberty .40cal 60 grain bullet at 2000 fps
  4. FN FNX .45 Tactical with an Advanced Armament Shepard suppressor  with Liberty .45acp 78 grain bullet at 1900 fps.


For some added fun I cooked up some ballistic gel in my kitchen and it turned out pretty cool. The gel was created to mimic a human torso. We added a heart with strawberry syrup in the middle, some wax ribs, two kidneys and some lungs all to see what this liberty ammo would do to what organs. The ballistic gel I created we later found out was to small to really be of any value to the test. The size of the gel was too small to really use behind the barrier so we could try and capture what would happen to the bullet after it went through a barrier. Due to my lack of experience with ballistics gel and the correct sizes needed for experiments like this, we quickly realized that my 14” x 9” baking pan mold was no where near the amount needed to be large enough to make the gel effective in taking hits and being able to then use it for accurate readings, but we put that behind the barrier anyway to see what would happen for my own amusement. For our follow up video I plan on obtaining a large block of actual ballistic gel.


We all agreed that the toughest barrier we brought with us would be the car door, so we set that up first with one 1/2” sheet rock layer about 1 foot behind the car door, and then behind that we set up a few more layers of the 3/4” sheet rock about 1 foot apart from each other, so we could see how much penetration would occur once it hit that hard first barrier, the second dry wall barrier and then if it continued through, how far it would actually travel and the effects. We figured because of the weight of the bullet, a few barriers should be more than enough and we would be able to capture some of the projectiles from the dry wall boards in the back. Guess what? We were completely WRONG! The ammo was so effective in penetrating, that it actually went right through every barrier we put up, which really took us all by surprise. After reading those articles online that this ammo might have a hard time with only a couple layers of denim, I thought a car door and multiple sheets of thick sheet rock would be overkill. We witnessed first hand the ferocious truth that is hidden inside these shiny light weight cartridges.

We conducted the test as followed: One shot at the door with each of the calibers, tracking each shot and seeing how each caliber performed. First the Keltec shooting the .380, then the Nano with the 9mm, the Sig 229 with the .40 S&W and finally the FN FNX with the .45ACP. Each round had no problem being extremely accurate and hitting the door right where I aimed. After the first round of four shots, one from each gun, we walked over to check the results. EVERY SHOT went right through the door, in some cases even hit the steel support beam inside the door, and exited the other side with no problem at all. When we pulled back the Door, we saw the same thing happen to the dry wall, every single round penetrated the door, the particle board, the sheet metal and the 3/4” drywall behind it with ease.

After seeing how easily the ammo penetrated all the barriers we setup, we decided to stack all the barriers one by one next to each other for the last four shots. We shot the same four rounds and saw the same results. The 9mm, .40cal and .45 had the most penetration going through every barrier we put up. The .380 was the only round that stopped after the door, 3/4” dry wall, the particle board, the sheet metal and then finally came to a stop in the fifth layer of 3/4” drywall.


Only two of the rounds fragmented and those are the rounds that actually hit the ballistic gel. One of the design characteristics of Liberty is that the projectile remains intact while shooting through a barrier, door, window, whatever it may be. Once the hollow point hits soft tissue, it fills the tip of the ammo forcing the bullet to expand and break into fragments. These fragments blow up almost like a hand grenade causing about a 4.5” wide area of extreme energy transfer with shrapnel. The remaining bottom portion of the bullet stays as a slug and penetrates about 8-12 inches depending on the caliber and what barrier it travels through.

The closest ammunition that could be compared to the design of the fragmenting around is the RIP G2 pre-fragmented hollow point. If we tested the RIP G2 in the same fashion, the first hard barrier would cause the round to break apart and fragment too early. How effective can you really be with ammo that breaks before reaching its target? The ability to penetrate through hard barriers first and then fragment only upon impact of soft tissue, paired with the speed and light carry weight of the Liberty Civil Defense Ammo round makes this ammo far Superior than any other personal defense round on the market.  The fragmentation of this ammunition is what makes it the most deadly ammunition available to the civilian market hence the companies slogan “ONE AND DONE.” One shot anywhere in the torso and this fragmenting bullet more than likely will hit one of the vital organs which is one of the ways death occurs from a gun shot wound to the abdomen.


There are a lot of other features that the Liberty Civil Defense Ammo  has to offer which makes it the best personal defense ammunition for your everyday carry.

  • REDUCED CARRY WEIGHT: If your like me, you carry at least a compact to full size firearm on a daily basis, all day, everyday. After a couple hours of carrying a fully loaded Sig P229 with 17 rounds of regular defense ammo your gun becomes more of an annoyance then it is a comfort. The weight of the firearm has a direct relationship to how long you can carry comfortably for, how often you will actually carry the gun, and allowing the firearm to become another part of your everyday wardrobe. The weight allows you to stay with the compact or full size firearm we all love, but still keep the weight at a manageable amount.
  • REDUCED RECOIL: one of the hardest things I try to teach my students when taking their Concealed Carry Class is the ability to take follow up shots, better known as “Double tap” Because the bullet is super light, the perceived recoil of the firearm is cut by about 30%. This helps you stay on target while taking multiple shots.
  • REDUCED OVER PENETRATION: The fragmenting ammo ensures that once that bullet hits its intended target, it will not come out the other side. Some high velocity FMJ have the ability to enter and exit the back side of your target, endangering whoever happens to be behind your target. The fragmentation width is about 4.5” inches wide while the base of the ammo penetrates about 12” inches.
  • 3X TERMINAL EFFECT: simply put, more knock down power. I want to be able to stop my attacker in his or her tracks immediately and no matter what. If my attacker is on Crystal Meth and in an adrenaline fueled rage a .380 shot from a 2″ barrel isn’t going to stop him. I want to literally knock him off his feet and put him down on the ground. The Liberty Civil Defense Ammo gives you that knock down power.
  • 2X VELOCITY: Liberty Civil Defense Ammo is about twice as fast as the best hollow point on the market. Speed x Mass = Momentum which delivers the Terminal effect or how the projectile acts once it hits its target. Because the ammo is twice as fast, it delivers much more kinetic energy than a slower heavier round. The more energy being transferred the more damage will be done to the target. The larger caliber rounds will actually throw the target back like you see in the movies. Although the over penetration is reduced because of the deep cavity hollow point design, because of the speed it has been tested and proven that it will penetrate all different types of barriers such as what we tested today: Automotive Glass / Windshield, Car doors, Dry Wall or Plywood, and also most important Heavy Clothing such as denim, leather jackets and sweatshirts.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Lead Free Projectile made here right in our own back yard, Sarasota Florida from a Monolithic Copper and then Nickel Plated to give it that beautiful shiny aluminum look that is safe to handle and wont go bad.


So, Should I Buy This Liberty Civil Defense Ammo or not?

Based on the findings of my experiment and the science behind the Liberty Civil Defense Ammo, my conclusion is that Liberty Civil Defense Ammo makes some of the best personal defense ammo on the market. Its right up there with Hornady and Speer in my book. I did find an interesting test conducted online that took two six pound roast beef loins and shot each with one round of each bullet. The first with Liberty Civil Defense Ammo and the other a Hornady XTP 147 grain round . The difference in damage to the meat was quite dramatic. The Liberty Civil Defense Ammo caused massive damage through the meat, while the XTP punched through the meat with a comparatively small wound track.

I carry this ammo on a daily basis and absolutely love it. The weight makes you forget that your even carrying a firearm at all. In a situation where I  had to use my firearm to protect my life, you better believe the Liberty Civil Defense Ammo is and will remain the first choice of me, my family, and my customers for daily carry inside and outside the home, as well as inside the gun shop as well. This ammo is designed to work every single time you pull the trigger, and whoever is on the receiving end of that bullet doesn’t have a chance because of the 4.5” wide terminal shock and shrapnel which will put down anyone in the world with one shot. Stock up on as much of this ammunition as you can, it doesn’t go bad and the performance is by far the most impressive personal defense ammunition available to civilians I have come across.


Prices fluctuate from place to place, and most of these ammunition websites will trick you into thinking your getting a great deal on a box of ammo for $18, but when you go to check out they add $15 in shipping and handling, which most people don’t realize.  I recommend if you want to save money, place an order with us on FloridaGunClassifieds.com. We don’t play tricks with our prices, and head to head our prices for Liberty Civil Defense Ammo is always lower than any other site in the country. We have the best selection of New Guns for Sale and Used Guns for Sale as well.  We’ll ship the ammo directly to your door step and always have someone available to answer any and all of your questions regarding the ammo or anything else firearm related.

Make sure you connect with us on Facebook anytime facebook.com/floridagunclassifieds

While our online store is being built, if you would like to order some of the Liberty Civil Defense Ammo contact us and well be happy to fulfill you order.

Florida Gun Classifieds
11070 Wiles Rd.
Coral Springs, Fl. 33076
Tel:  (954) 805-3440
Fax: (954) 227-2877
Email: matt@floridagunclassifieds.com
Online Store: http://FFLGUNS.com

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FN Five seveN MKII Gun Giveaway Contest – Win a FN57 MKII 5.7x28mm

Firearms Blog February 2, 2015


FN Five seveN MKII Gun Giveaway Contest – Win a FN57 MKII 5.7x28mm


We are giving away an FN Five seveN MKII Shooter’s Package for our next Gun Giveaway!


FN Five seveN MKII Gun Giveaway Contest

Glock 42 Gun Giveaway Contest

Congratulations to: Pinellas99

Glock 42 Gun Giveaway

Edward M won the Glock 42 Gun Giveaway Contest in July 2015



Every six months Florida Gun Classifieds conducts a  GUN GIVEAWAY to our members who like, share and post guns for sale on our site! Our Glock 42 Gun Giveaway had over 7,000 people who participated! We will continue to give away firearms to THANK everyone who is helping us become the #1 site in Florida for Firearms!

This coming year for Florida Gun Classifieds is going to be HUGE! We are in the process of developing a revolutionary way for firearm enthusiasts to keep an inventory, buy, sell, repair and even find local events in your area, anywhere in the country. With you help, Florida Gun Classifieds will become one of the largest online firearm’s marketplace in America.

Below is a recap of the giveaway if you missed your chance to enter.

1Excel front page 1Glock42 Random # 3 winner excel 4 winner wordpress


Don’t wait! Start gaining entries into the next gun giveaway now by sharing this post on social media (facebook, twitter, IG, Google+, Pintrest) and posting guns for sale on our site!

Florida Gun Classifieds GUN GIVEAWAY CONTEST will reward a lucky user from our site with a FREE Glock 42 .380 and firearms training from the president, owner and NRA certified pistol instructor of Florida Gun Classifieds, Matt Adika. We will be promoting this Gun Giveaway throughout the middle of the year on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, but need your help to share the best FREE firearms classifieds listing site in Florida with all of your friends and promote the page to help us grow to #1 in Florida.

Florida Gun Classifieds is building a community of active firearms enthusiasts, which provides a free online marketplace with direct access to new guns for sale on our Online Gun Store and used guns for sale from other private individuals on our classifieds page, as well as a huge site full of knowledge, resources, gun review videos and gun giveaways! “These campaigns were all about creating a local community of gun lovers and anyone who supports our 2nd Amendment rights, freedom and the Constitution” said Adika. “Our goal is for this site to be interactive, informative and a destination that our community bookmarks and visits first whenever they are looking to buy new guns for sale or sell and purchase used guns for sale. 
Florida Gun Classifieds also has a Firearms blog where Matt and other contributors write articles on topics ranging from reviews and demonstrations on the best firearms in the industry, to tests on ammunition like Liberty Civil Defense. Anyone can give away T-shirts and Stickers, but who has heard of a site that has a Gun Giveaway and is giving away a gun? We wanted to have people take a second look and remember Florida Gun Classifieds

Here is the winner of our last gun giveaway from December 2014

Gun Giveaway

Congratulations to Travis of Orlando for winning the Springfield XDS .45ACP



GRAND PRIZE: Glock 42 .380 ACP w/ (3) Hour NRA Pistol Shooting Course – Winner will be announced mid year the first week of July 2015.
We value your support in helping us promote our site to all your friends, family and other gun enthusiasts online! Follow the instructions below and post as many guns on the site as possible! Every post is automatically shared on all our social media platforms below to over 10,000 users.
Follow the instructions on each link below.
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  1. Sign up for a FREE account on www.floridagunclassifieds.com
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www.FLGunLaws.com – Learn the gun laws in Florida
www.FLGunsforSale.com – New guns for sale in Florida from Florida Gun Classifieds
www.masafirearms.com – The original Masa Firearms site
www.FirearmTrusts.com – Create an NFA firearms trust from you computer
www.FloridaGunBlog.com – Blog written by respected gun enthusiasts about Florida’s gun issues, laws and ideas.
matt adika
Thank you for your support,
Matt Adika
President & Chief Executive Officer
Florida Gun Classifieds
11070 Wiles Rd.
Coral Springs, Fl. 33076
Tel:  (954) 805-3440
Fax: (954) 227-2877
Email: matt@floridagunclassifieds.com
Online Store: http://FFLGUNS.com
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Gun Giveaway Contest Winner 2014 – Florida Gun Classifieds

Firearms Blog January 16, 2015

Florida Gun Classifieds would like to thank everyone who participated in our 2014 GUN GIVEAWAY contest.

Travis from Orlando is our Gun Giveaway Contest Winner 2014! A brand new Springfield XDS .45ACP!


Congratulations to Travis of Orlando for winning the Springfield XDS .45ACP.

We will be conducting another GUN GIVEAWAY every six months so keep sharing, liking and promoting Florida Gun Classifieds!

Florida Gun Classifieds is conducting a GUN GIVEAWAY which will reward a lucky user on Florida Gun Classifieds with a free Springfield XDS and firearms training from the president and owner of Florida Gun Classifieds, Matt Adika. Florida Gun Classifieds will be promoting this contest throughout the end of the year on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

We are creating a community of active firearms enthusiasts, which will allow us to provide our community with direct access to our new guns for sale and used guns for sale, as well as a huge community of knowledge and resources. “These campaigns were all about creating a local community of gun lovers and anyone who supports our 2nd Amendment rights, freedom and the Constitution” said Adika. “Our goal is for this site to be interactive, informative and a destination that our community bookmarks and visits first whenever they are looking to buy used guns for sale or post used guns for sale.

Florida Gun Classifieds is also in the process of creating a Firearms Forum where the community can discuss issues ranging from “What is the best concealed carry gun?” to “What ammo would you recommend for personal defense?” and other issues regarding the gun community and our rights as Americans. “I wanted a marketing campaign that actually had excitement behind it. Anyone can give away T-shirts and Stickers, but who has heard of a site that is giving away a gun? We wanted to have people take a second look and remember Florida Gun Classifieds

Everyone who helps us launch the site, by liking our pages, posting firearms to the classifieds section, and actively promoting the site to everyone they know will be entered into a drawing to win the Gun Giveaway, and were not giving away T-shirts here people. We are giving away guns for your support!

  • 1) GRAND PRIZE = #Springfield XDS 3.3″ .45 (2012 Gun of the Year!) w/ (3) Hour Concealed Carry Class & Training (If applicable)

($700 value)


Each button clicked below is another entry!
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The goal we are trying to accomplish is mass social media marketing push with your help! We want to reward everyone that is making this site a success by giving away quality prizes.

Email me: Matt@floridagunclassifieds.com with any questions or ideas.

Winner will be announced around Christmas. Thanks again!

Check out the network of websites we are building to give gun owners and enthusiasts all the resources they desire at their fingertips.

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Laser Ammo – Indoor Laser Firearm Training System

Firearms Blog January 12, 2015


Laser Ammo Laser Firearm Training System


There are three different options from Laser Ammo for their indoor range products. They vary in ability and price, but each one is great in their own way.

MY HOME RANGE Indoor Laser Firearm Training Range System

Price: $300

My Home Range is an indoor laser firearm training system that allows you to use a laser cartridge in your REAL firearm and shoot paper targets on a wall or any surface that the laser can hit and be seen by any webcam. The laser firearm training system comes with one multi-cailber laser cartridge that can be used in 9mm, .40 cal or .45 caliber guns and the software needed to track the shots being fired. The software allows you to use paper targets, point the webcam at the target then you select on the program up to 9 different target areas. When the software sees the laser beam hit the target area it records the hit so you can see in real time your accuracy. There are different modes in the laser firearm training such as the system actively calling out which target to shoot and you have to hit the target it calls. It will record your reaction time, accuracy etc. They have other calibers available individually like .38 special, .380, 9×18, and even a hunting package that has shotgun calibers like 12GA, 20GA, .308 and 30-06. Individual cartridges run around $130. They sell revolver .38 special pro packs that have either five or six cartridges to fill the entire cylinder so you can keep shooting over and over simulating a real life shooting using the  laser firearm training, and also give you a discount for purchasing multiple cartridges in one package.

  • revolver pro pack (5) cartridges run $460
  • revolver pro pack (6) cartridges run $550

CHECK OUT THE DEMO VIDEO: Laser Ammo My Home Range Laser Firearm Training Demo

  1. PRICE: $175 for the same multi-caliber pistol cartridge alone.
  2. PRICE: $200 for the multi-caliber pistol cartridge and .223 cartridge adapter

TOTAL PRICE: $300 for the SureStrike LASR range software and multi-caliber pistol cartridge


Price $600

The smokeless range home laser firearm training simulator is shooting simulator that allows you to use a laser cartridge in your REAL firearm and shoot interactive targets on either a TV or Projector. There are currently 15 different shooting modes and games that simulate drills, moving targets, trap and skeet, timed drills, accuracy drills, the size, speed and number of the targets can be adjusted to simulate distance. There also multiplayer modes where each person can battle each other with games like target flip in which you have six “swinging metal targets” mounted vertically on a pole, so when the right player hits the target on the right, it swings over to the left and the goal is to get all your targets on your friends side before he shoots back and hits his target to bring it back to your side. Once the laser firearm training cartridge is installed, you can use the trigger and laser to act like you mouse to operate the program, so there is no need to have to leave your shooting position. They recommend if you have a projector to use it, but I am going to set it up on my 70″ LED TV. There should be no problem unless there is a lot of glare on the screen. You can always add an anti glare screen film to solve this problem.

Like My Home Range, a webcam will be pointed at the TV or projection to record where the laser hits, and the software is so advanced it allows you to an interactive fun experience that is unlike anything you’ve experienced.

WATCH THE VIDEO DEMO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfp6Hasi0Gc

They have other calibers available in the laser firearm training system that can be purchased individually like .38 special, .380, .223 and even a hunting package that has shotgun calibers like 12GA, 20GA, .308 and 30-06. Individual cartriges run around $130. They sell revolver .38 special pro packs that have either five or six cartridges to fill the entire cylinder so you can keep shooting over and over simulating a real life shooting, and also give you a discount for purchasing multiple cartridges in one package.

  • individual cartridges retail between $130-$160 depending on caliber
  • revolver pro pack (5) cartriges retail for $460
  • revolver pro pack (6) cartriges retail for $550
  1. PRICE: $350 for the laser firearm training simulator software
  2. PRICE: $175 for the same multi-caliber pistol cartridge (x2 for multiplayer)

TOTAL PRICE: $575-600 for a one pistol or rifle setup




The last option is a stand alone electronic laser firearm training target called the LaserPET™ and has three basic modes of operation.

  1. Target Mode: In this mode, the LaserPET™ simply lets you know whether you hit the target or not. You can use the full screen as the target area, or you can use one of the provided inserts to further refine and reduce the target area to require a more accurate shot.
  2. 2. Timed Mode: Timed mode gives you a start signal, then records the amount of time it takes you to fire an accurate shot on the target. It’s excellent for simulating the pressure of competition, which is the closest you can get to the stress of self-defense. The best part is that you’ll KNOW you are getting better as you see your times drop. In this mode, the possibilities for training are only limited by your imagination. You can place the gun anywhere you want, whether it’s in a holster, on a nightstand, or locked away for safety. You can then position the LaserPET™ target anywhere you wish to simulate the place you expect a threat or to test a specific skill. The LaserPET™ gives you a start signal and then shows you how long it takes you to fire an accurate shot.
  3. 3. Speed Mode: In this environment, the LaserPET™ records how many accurate shots you can fire in 5 seconds. It could be used for reload drills, movement drills, or anything else you can think of. Again, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

These are nice and a very affordable option to allows you to practice and conduct drills that you normally would not or could not do with live ammunition. You can put the laserPET laser firearm training in different locations around your house and practice with your REAL gun simulating different scenarios inside your home such as clearing rooms, different shooting positions and distances and taking cover while firing. You’ll be surprised how difficult it really is to hit a target 25 feet away from you in your own home. Now imagine that target is a home invader that’s moving or running toward you.


  1. PRICE: $125 for a single unit
  2. PRICE: $325 for a three pack
  3. PRICE: $175 for the multi-caliber pistol cartridge
  4. +ADD $25 for .223 adapter

TOTAL PRICE: $300 for one unit with the multi-caliber pistol cartridge

TOTAL PRICE: $500 for three units with multi-caliber pistol cartridge


If you own a Glock pistol and want to use your own handgun, They sell a automatic reset trigger that you can install into your handgun so you do not have the rack the slide after each shot. Great for training on your own Glock pistol.

  1. PRICE: $200

Instead of using a REAL pistol or rifle to practice, the laser firearm training has adapters and conversion kits for airsoft pistols and rifles. The vibration from the recoil from the airsoft gun triggers the vibration sensitive cartridge which shoots the laser. This setup is as close to real life training drills as you can get because of the recoil of the airsoft gun. This option is awesome and can be used by instructors to teach students without ever firing a live round. This laser firearm training can be used to teach anyone how to shoot without any risk involved. There are many instructors that use this simulation along with the airsoft setup with their students. It’s obvious Laser Ammo listens to their client’s needs, pride themselves as bringing the best and most innovative training products they develop. They do have a few different solutions for Airsoft users for both for pistols and rifles. The laser firearm training system is not a substitution for live fire practice, but definitely the closest you can come.

The advantages of training with Airsoft:

  1. Safe and relatively inexpensive
  2. Ability to train on real scenarios / realistic drills
  3. Full blowback and no need to recycle the gun
  4. Look and feel of your favorite firearms
  5. Can train anywhere – indoors and outdoors
  6. No need of special license.
  7. Can be used with war-gaming and close quarter battles
  8. Develop your combat skills, by training force-on-force with different teams.
  9. Train outdoors with friends.

The advantages of using Lasers in conjunction with Airsoft are:

  1. Train with simulators, electronic targets, and tactical vests like laser tag vests or even military MILES gear.
  2. Get full blowback when training with your LaserPET™ / L.A.S.R software.
  3. No need to cycle the handle on your AR 15.
  4. Train safely with your friends
  5. Easy to install
  6. Practice combat training and more realistic scenarios at home or outdoors.

Changing your Airsoft to a laser-emitting weapon has never been so easy with the SureStrike™ adapters.

*If you do not already own an airsoft pistol or rifle, you do need to purchase one.

  • The average price for the KWA ATP is about $150
  • Airsoft rifles start at about $50
  1. AIRSOFT PISTOL SYSTEM w/ simulator
  • PRICE: $150-175 for the KWA airsoft pistol
  • PRICE: $200 for the airsoft pistol conversion kit for KWA ATP
  • PRICE: $125 for the vibration sensitive laser cartridge



  1. AIRSOFT RIFLE SYSTEM w/ simulator
  • PRICE: $50-100
  • PRICE: $75 for the rifle adapter which goes into the barrel of the rifle.
  • PRICE: $125 for the vibration sensitive laser cartridge



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What are Snap Caps?

Firearms Blog January 12, 2015


What are Snap Caps?

Snap Caps are actually a brand name, but they have become the moniker for dummy rounds.


Snap caps come as solid plastic trainers, there are hollow plastic ones with brass ends and spring loaded primers for you firing pin to hit, there are also solid aluminum ones. The aluminum ones are my favorite, as they last the longest. Florida Gun Classifieds carries all the common calibers for sale in our store and online. We use them in our NRA basic pistol shooting course and our concealed weapons permit classes to train our students before they ever fire a live round. we discuss how to identify ammo calibers and the difference between rimfire and center-fire cartridges. I personally have the A-Zoom aluminum snap caps in 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, and .223 for my own personal training drills.

What are Snap Caps used for?

  • They were made to save the firing pin in your gun from degradation due to dry firing on an empty chamber. But they have more uses than just that. Here is some ideas you can use to help you, safely, learn how to operate you gun, and be a more proficient shooter. They are modeled and scaled exactly to the same dimensions as the cartridge (read bullet) for you gun. So you can load them in your magazine, just like loading live rounds. This may seem silly to some, but everyone has to do it a first time.
  • You can practice racking your slide without it locking back, when you have a magazine inserted.
  • Malfunction drills: There are 3 types of malfunctions in a semi automatic: With Snap Caps, you can simulate all these types of malfunctions and practice clearing them all.

What Types of Malfunctions can you simulate with Snap Caps?

  1. Type 1: Failure to Fire – This is pretty simple to spot. You pull the trigger and nothing happens. Click and no bang! When this happens, you should wait about 30 seconds, then smack your magazine to make sure it’s seated in your pistol, and rack your slide. Known as tap and rack.
  2. Type 2: Failure to eject – often called a stovepipe. The spent casing will be sticking out of your ejection port like a stove pipe sticking out of a roof. Simply rack your slide, hard, and continue. If this happens often, you should start investigating as to why.
  3. Type 3: Feed Way Stoppage- This type of malfunction can even give experienced shooters a major concern. Sometimes called a “double feed” or “failure to extract” a feed way stoppage happens when two cartridges are in the firing chamber at one time. What happens is The ‘spent’ cartridge you just fired was not successfully ejected from the firing chamber and then another cartridge was pushed into the breech. Because more than one cartridge was forced into the chamber the firearm is now rendered unusable. Feed way malfunctions are usually NOT a quick fix like a stove pipe.

The rule of thumb is to lock, rip, clear, then rack 3 times and reload.

Rip means to get a firm grip on your magazine while pressing the mag release button, and rip the magazine from the weapon. While it is out try to lock your slide back. If it won’t move, you’re going to have to get physical with it. Once the rounds are clear, reload with a new magazine, and continue shooting. This is going to cost you time, and there is no simple fix, This is just the best way I’ve found to deal with it. If you’re in a bad situation, you may have to find “other means” of fighting. Read up on those malfunctions or watch hundred of videos online.

Another great thing to do with snap caps is “flinch control” or “recoil anticipation” control. Have you ever been to the range and you feel like you’re doing everything right? Right grip, stance, breathing, etc… But you are still shooting low and left. You’re probably anticipating recoil. All shooters suffer from this, it’s just happens, and it’s something you have to work on. When you go to the range randomly place snap caps in your magazines, mixed with live rounds. When you go to fire the pistol and it’s a snap cap, you’ll notice right away if you are anticipating. Your muzzle will sharply point to the floor when you pull that trigger. Your mind is unwittingly trying to compensate for the recoil of your weapon. You’ll be surprised how much you really do move. There is no other way to practice this, except get to the range and do this.

Spend time at home with the snap caps.




Not just your weapon. Physically take it into another room. Then load a magazine with snap caps, work on all the drills I mentioned here, If you have a laser for your pistol, put it on there and watch what your muzzle is doing. Once you can keep that barrel still, then go to the range and practice with a mix of live rounds and Snap Caps, as I suggested before. I guarantee, you’ll be a better shooter in no time.


Special thanks to “The Beretta Guy” for this great article!

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Gun Safety Rules – Ten Basic Gun Safety Rules for Safe Firearms Use

Firearms Blog December 6, 2014


Guns are used safely millions upon millions of times every year, and each gun has the potential to kill or do serious bodily injury.  Any individual that owns a firearm needs to learn Gun Safety Rules which are the basic foundation for the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning a firearm. Gun Safety Rules protect ourselves and others around us, we need to follow Gun Safety Rules at all times when handling any type of firearm, including handguns like revolvers and pistols, rifles, shotguns, muzzle-loaders, and even airguns.

1 . Always Point a Gun in a Safe Direction.

The most important Gun Safety Rules should be self-explanatory. It is the easiest and most important rule of all gun safety. Another way to say it, aim the gun in the direction that if the gun were to discharge, no injury or property damage will occur.

2.  Always Keep Your Gun Unloaded Until Your Ready To Use It.

Most people misinterpret Gun Safety Rules, and ask me “what am I going to do ask the bad guy to please hold on while I load my firearm?” This is not what we say when we say “until your ready to use.” When I get dressed in the morning and put my belt and holster on, and put that firearm in my holster, at that point its READY TO USE. If I have a safe at home and the gun is locked in the safe, IT IS READY TO USE. Now if i’m throwing a super bowl party where my friends are drinking and my gun is in my dresser drawer not locked, IT IS NOT READY TO USE. If i am on my way to the range in the car with my friends and I am loading my gun in the back seat, IT IS NOT READY TO USE. Most hunting accidents happen on the way to the actual hunt because the person loading the gun in the back seat accidentally shoots the person in the front. Bottom line is use common sense. Do not leave a loaded gun somewhere someone can stumble upon it and accidentally shoot themselves accidentally.

3 . Always Keep Your Finger off the Trigger.

Gun Safety Rules should be a habit that become second nature and has to be done EVERYTIME you handle a firearm. This is something that many people do not do and I see too often. Some idiot will have his or her finger on the trigger of a gun they are simply carrying, looking down the sights of, etc. Don’t do it! Your finger should be outside the trigger guard on the frame until your ready to shoot, then after shooting should be moved back outside the trigger guard and back on the frame.

4 . Always Assume That Any Gun, at Any Time, is Loaded.

Any time someone hands you a firearm, the fist thing you should do is check to see if the gun is loaded. Gun Safety Rules especially this one should be done habitually. Even if your best friend tells you its safe, check it anyway!  Don’t believe it until you see it for yourself. Better safe than dead. Make it a habit to check no matter what. This should be a common practice every time even if YOU know the gun is loaded. It take a second and can keep you and a loved on alive.

5 . Know What You’re Shooting At And Also What Is Behind That.

Your target is whatever you intend to shoot, and should be a conscious decision that is considered carefully. Remember we are shooting projectiles that travel upwards to 200 feet per second, and anything traveling at that speed has the ability to hit the target and continue to go travel through to the other side. This is an extremely important Gun Safety Rules because if you shoot a target where people or animals are somewhere behind it, you could kill someone. Don’t get lax about this. You need to know what you are going to shoot at, what is between you and it, and what is beyond it. Pay attention.

6 . Be Familiar With Your Gun And Never Practice With Live Ammunition.

Your firearm is like any tool you own. Take the time to Learn everything about it. The options, features and how it operates. Learn these things before you go shooting for the first time… I recommend to purchase Snap Caps or dummy ammunition at home to load, unload, chamber a round, decock the gun, pull the hammer back, learn the trigger pull in single, double, find out how to disable the gun and clean it. When you step up to the firing line, you should already know how to operate the gun you’ll be shooting.

7 . Don’t Shoot at Hard Surfaces.

Some Gun Safety Rules are not so obvious like that Hard bullets that hit hard surfaces tend to bounce or ricochet, even off water. It has a tendency to allow bullets and shotgun shot to ricochet (glance off) and fly off in an unintended direction. Not good. Hard surfaces like metal, rocks, and hard wood can do this too – and they can even send the projectile back to the shooter. Shooting yourself by accident can always be prevented and is not only dangerous, but humiliating.

8 . Don’t Rely on a Safety Mechanism.

A safety is a mechanical device and any mechanical device can fail. Not only might the safety fail and allow the gun to discharge, but it can also fail to disengage and if you need to use our firearm your screwed. If you follow the first three Gun Safety Rules ALL THE TIME then there is no reason to even have a safety. Your finger should be your safety.

9 . Use the Right Ammo.

Make certain the ammunition you’re using is right for your gun. Don’t assume that you have the correct ammo just because it can be crammed into the gun. The caliber of the ammo needs needs to match the firearms caliber exactly to work with the gun’s design and strength factors. The proper cartridge designation is usually marked on the gun barrel and the head stamp of the round. If you have any doubt, consult the gun’s manufacturer or a qualified gunsmith.

10 . Pay Attention!

When your adrenaline is pumping and your having gun its easy to get distracted and forget about Gun Safety Rules especially with your friends and family. Make sure you follow all the Gun Safety Rules discussed here today and do not be afraid to call out someone not following the rules even someone you don’t know, especially at gun ranges. It could mean the difference between your life and death. Gun Safety Rules are designed to keep you and others safe, and honestly they most are common sense, but most humans lack this trait when doing something new. even expert gun instructors need reminders here and there. Some people might not want to hear it, but everyone that owns a firearm has a responsibility to know all the Gun Safety Rules and actually follow them.

Make sure you check out the article about Concealed Carry and practice these Gun Safety Rules while carrying as well.

Matt Adika

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How to aim a gun – Common Myths

Firearms Blog December 6, 2014


Whenever discussion of pistol sights comes up and how to aim a gun, the question inevitably arises about whether such and such sights hit (Point of Impact or POI) to the point of aim (POA). This can be a somewhat subjective thing, as everyone seems to have different expectations.

The three images above depict common sight pictures used by shooters and how to aim a gun. The first, a traditional 6 o’clock hold, is the most common how to aim a gun and accepted but is wildly inappropriate for practical shooting of any type. It is a holdover from bullseye shooting, where the distance and target size are known. The only way how to aim a gun is with a known target that could line up on an arbitrary point away from the impact area be depended upon to impact the desired area. In the bullseye context, it is obviously a very precise and visually uncluttered way to align the sights to the target.

In practical shooting (fill in whatever real world application you want, it doesn’t matter) – where target type, distance, size, etc. are unknown – the 6 o’clock hold is impractical and artificial. Use of the 6 o’clock hold is also a common excuse when a particular gun’s sights hit really high. Don’t make excuses, fix the sights.

The third image would have been something held over from fans of 3 dot sights, as discussed in my first article of this series. As you can see, the iron sights obscure a good portion of the target. If you are aiming at the 7′ tall B-27 “casual man” qual target at 7 yards, then a bit of the blue man hiding behind the sights is no big deal. Start working on harder targets, whether they be distant or smaller targets up close, and it is a losing proposition. The recommended technique on how to aim a gun is to have a POI at the center of the target when the dots are lined up would necessitate having your impact actually be quite low when using the top line of the sights. This becomes a problem when you actually want to use your sights for a harder shot.

Think bigger picture when setting up your sights.The second image is what the top shooters strive for, and your sights should be regulated to allow the bullet holes to appear where the top line of the sight cuts through the target area. I generally set up my guns to hit on POA or no more than about 1″ high at 25 yards. I find it acceptable to be able to see the impacts above the line of sight, but never want the impacts to fall below the line of sight. This setup gives the most versatility, and matching the POA and POI gives you a simple “what you see is what you get” sight picture at any distance on any target.This isn’t one of the articles that ends with “what sight picture do you like?” There is only one correct answer, and it is the same given by all the top shooters in every practical shooting discipline from tactical trainers to USPSA champions.

Now get to the range and check your sights!

To learn more about techniques regarding concealed carry check out our article on How to draw a gun from a hoslter.

special thanks to MSW for this great article.

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What is the Law for a Private Firearm Sale In Florida?

Firearms Blog November 10, 2014

Private Firearm Sale In Florida

Florida has no law generally requiring a background check for a Private Firearm Sale In Florida or on the purchaser of a firearm when the seller is not a licensed dealer. However, the Florida Constitution permits counties to adopt laws that would require such background checks for sales occurring in or on “property to which the public has the right of access” within the county. The Florida Constitution states that, “[e]ach county shall have the authority to require a criminal history records check…in connection with the sale of any firearm occurring within such county.”1 The term “sale” under this section “means the transfer of money or other valuable consideration for any firearm when any part of the transaction is conducted on property to which the public has the right of access.”2 Concealed weapons permit holders are not subject to these laws.3

  1. Fla. Const. art. VIII, § 5(b).
  2. Id.
  3. Id.


The most dangerous gap in federal firearms laws today is the “private sale” loophole.  Although federal law requires licensed firearms dealers to perform background checks on prospective purchasers and maintain records of all gun sales, it does not require unlicensed “private” sellers to do so. An estimated 40% of all firearms sold in the U.S. are transferred by unlicensed sellers.1

According the U.S. Department of Justice, because federal law does not require universal background checks, “individuals prohibited by law from possessing guns can easily obtain them from private sellers and do so without any federal records of the transactions.”2  “The private-party gun market,” one study observed, “has long been recognized as a leading source of guns used in crimes.”3  Although the private sale loophole is frequently referred to as the “gun show” loophole (because of the particular problems associated with gun shows), it applies to all private firearm sales, regardless of where they occur.4

private gun sales and traffickingThe growth of the Internet has significantly increased the ability of individuals prohibited from possessing firearms to find sellers willing to transfer firearms to them without background checks.

  • As of September 2013, about 67,000 firearms were  listed for sale online from private, unlicensed sellers.5
  • 29% of ads by private sellers on Armslist.com (a popular website for firearm sales) were posted by high-volume private sellers who posted five or more ads over an eight-week period.6
  • According to an undercover investigation conducted by the City of New York, 62% of private online firearm sellers agreed to sell a firearm to a buyer even after the buyer had told the seller that he or she probably could not pass a background check.7

When private sellers don’t run background checks, people known to be dangerous can easily obtain guns, often with deadly consequences. For example, in 2012, a gunman killed three people, including his wife, and injured four others at a spa in Wisconsin, after buying a gun through a private seller he found online.  The shooter was prohibited from purchasing guns due to a restraining order his wife had acquired against him, but was able to buy the gun anyway because the seller was not required to run a background check.8

In a 2007 report, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) stated that, because individuals who fail a background check can easily access firearms through private sales, “guns are far too easily acquired by prohibited possessors, and too often end up being used in gun crime and gun violence.”9  The IACP concluded that “Congress, as well as state, local and tribal governments, should enact laws requiring that all gun sales and transfers proceed through” a federally licensed dealer.10

Private sales represent a significant conduit for illegal gun trafficking. 

  • The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF) found that during one 29-month period, unlicensed sellers were involved in about one-fifth of illegal trafficking investigations nationwide and associated with nearly 23,000 trafficked guns.11
  • A study which used crime gun trace data from 53 U.S. cities for the years 2000–2002 found that laws regulating private handgun sales are strongly associated with fewer trafficked guns.12
  • A 2009 GAO report found that “secondary firearms — firearms resold following the first retail purchase from an FFL, or ‘used guns’ — are commonly trafficked to Mexico.”13
  • Another report observed that the lack of background check and record retention requirements for private gun transfers “continue to make it much easier for prohibited persons to purchase firearms and much harder for U.S. authorities to successfully trace how a firearm illegally reached Mexico.”14

privatesales-1-FINALGun offenders overwhelmingly obtain their guns through private sales. A survey of state prison inmates in 13 states who were convicted of gun offenses found that only 13.4% obtained the gun from a gun store or pawnshop, where background checks are required.15 Nearly all (96.1%) of those inmates who were already prohibited from possessing a gun at the time of the crime obtained the firearm through an unlicensed private seller.16

When background checks are required, they are extremely effective at keeping guns out of the hands of prohibited persons. Since the federal background check requirement was adopted in 1994, over two million prohibited persons have been denied a firearm transfer or permit.17  In 2010 alone, more than 117,000 gun transfers were denied using the federal background check system.18

Repeated polls have shown that over 90% of the American public supports laws requiring background checks on all gun purchasers, regardless of whether they buy weapons from licensed dealers or private sellers.19 A survey conducted for the New England Journal of Medicine in January 2013 found that 84% of gun owners and 74% of NRA members also support requiring a universal background check system for all gun sales.20

As described below, the strongest laws require a background check at the point of sale for every gun transfer.  Some additional states only require a background check when a gun is sold at a gun show, or require gun purchasers to obtain a license before purchasing a gun and issue the license only after a background check.  For additional information in support of these laws, see our summaries on Gun Shows and Licensing Gun Owners & Purchasers.


Federal law imposes various duties on federally licensed firearms dealers.  Firearms dealers must, among other things: (1) perform background checks on prospective firearm purchasers; (2) maintain records of all gun sales; (3) make those records available to law enforcement for inspection; (4) report certain multiple sales; and (5) report the theft or loss of a firearm from the licensee’s inventory.21  Federal law imposes none of these requirements on unlicensed sellers, however.

The Gun Control Act of 1968 provides that persons “engaged in the business” of dealing in firearms must be licensed.22  Although Congress did not originally define the term “engaged in the business,” it did so in 1986 as part of the McClure-Volkmer Act (also known as the “Firearms Owners’ Protection Act”).  That Act defined the term “engaged in the business,” as applied to a firearms dealer, as “a person who devotes time, attention, and labor to dealing in firearms as a regular course of trade or business with the principal objective of livelihood and profit through the repetitive purchase and resale of firearms.”23

Significantly, however, the term was defined to exclude a person who “makes occasional sales, exchanges, or purchases of firearms for the enhancement of a personal collection or for a hobby, or who sells all or part of his personal collection of firearms.”24 According to a 1999 report issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the current definition of “engaged in the business” often frustrates the prosecution of “unlicensed dealers masquerading as collectors or hobbyists but who are really trafficking firearms to felons or other prohibited persons.”25


Seventeen states and D.C. have extended the background check requirement beyond federal law to at least some private sales. Six states (California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Rhode Island) and D.C. require universal background checks at the point of sale for all transfers of all classes of firearms, including purchases from unlicensed sellers; Maryland and Pennsylvania laws do the same, but are limited to handguns. Two states (Illinois and Oregon) require a background check whenever a firearm in sold at a gun show.  Finally, four states (Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts and New Jersey) require any firearm purchaser, including a purchaser from an unlicensed seller, to obtain a permit issued after a background check, and four more states (Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska and North Carolina) do the same only for handguns.26

Nevada and Oregon have laws allowing voluntary background checks by unlicensed sellers.

Most of these jurisdictions also require unlicensed sellers to keep records of firearm sales or report such sales to law enforcement, as detailed in our summary on Maintaining Records & Reporting Gun Sales.

Description of State Laws Closing the Private Sale Loophole

1.         Background Checks at the Point of Transfer:  The most comprehensive approach to ensuring that guns are not sold to prohibited persons is through a requirement for a background check at the point of transfer of any firearm.  Processing transfers by private sellers through licensed dealers or a law enforcement agency helps to ensure that a background check will be conducted prior to any transfer.

States that Require a Background Check at the Point of Transfer
District of Columbia
Maryland (handguns only)
New York
Pennsylvania (handguns only)
Rhode Island

In California,27 Colorado,28 Delaware,29 and New York30 all firearm transfers must be processed through licensed dealers, who must conduct background checks on prospective firearm purchasers.  Rhode Island requires all sellers to obtain a completed application form from the prospective purchaser, and to submit the form to law enforcement for purposes of conducting a background check.31 Concealed handgun permit holders in Delaware and Rhode Island are exempt.  Connecticut requires any person transferring a firearm to either submit a form to law enforcement or conduct the transfer through a licensed dealer, so that a background check is conducted for every sale or transfer.32 In the District of Columbia, firearms may be transferred only by or to a licensed dealer.33

Maryland34 and Pennsylvania35 require a background check on every prospective transferee of a handgun, which may be conducted by a licensed dealer or a designated law enforcement agency.

2.         Gun Show Background Checks:  Illinois36 and Oregon37 require a background check before the sale or transfer of a firearm at a gun show.  For more information about the regulation of gun shows, see our summary on Gun Shows.

3.         State Permit Requirements for Private Purchasers:  Eight states regulate private sales primarily by prohibiting private sellers from transferring certain firearms to purchasers who do not have the requisite state license or permit, and requiring a background check before issuing the license or permit.

States that Require Permits for Private Purchasers After a Background Check38
Iowa (handguns only)
Michigan (handguns only)
Nebraska (handguns only)
New Jersey
North Carolina (handguns only)

More specifically, Hawaii,39 Illinois,40 Massachusetts41 and New Jersey42 require a person to obtain a license or permit before purchasing any firearm from any seller, and such license or permit cannot be obtained without a background check. Iowa,43 Michigan,44 Nebraska,45 and North Carolina46 require a person to obtain a license or permit before purchasing a handgun (but not a rifle or a shotgun) and require a background check before issuing the license or permit.  These permits and licenses vary greatly in duration; as a result, there is a risk in some of these states that a person will become prohibited from purchasing a firearm after obtaining the license or permit but before purchasing a firearm.  Illinois, on the other hand, now requires a seller to contact law enforcement and verify the validity of the purchaser’s permit (called a FOID Card) at the time of the sale, effective January 1, 2014. State licensing requirements are discussed in detail in our summary on Licensing Gun Owners & Purchasers.47

4.         Voluntary Background Checks by Private Sellers:  In Nevada48 and Oregon,49 private sellers are not required to conduct background checks on purchasers (except, in Oregon, at gun shows), but they may request a background check of the purchaser.  In Oregon and Nevada, the seller makes the request to the relevant state agency, which must process the request.  In Oregon, subject to certain exceptions, a transferor who receives notification that the transferee is eligible to complete the transfer is immune from civil liability for any use of the firearm after the time of transfer.



The features listed below are intended to provide a framework from which policy options may be considered.  A jurisdiction considering new legislation should consult with counsel.

  • For all firearm transfers, private sellers are subject to similar requirements as licensed dealers, including background checks and record keeping requirements:
  • The most comprehensive option requires all firearm transfers to be conducted through licensed dealers, so that background checks will be completed on all purchasers (including purchases from unlicensed sellers), and sales records will be maintained (California, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, New York)
  • If the jurisdiction does not require that all firearm transfers be conducted through licensed dealers, private sellers are required to:
    • conduct background checks through a central law enforcement agency that has access to federal and state databases of prohibited purchasers (Rhode Island requires private sellers to conduct background checks directly through law enforcement; Connecticut require private sellers to conduct background checks through licensed dealers or law enforcement);
    • maintain records of all firearm transfers for a lengthy period (Illinois requires all sellers to retain sales records for 10 years); and
    • report all transfers to state and local law enforcement (Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts.

Special Thanks to smartgunlaws.org

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What is SWATTING? What every Concealed Weapons License holder needs to know!

Firearms Blog November 7, 2014


The pro-gun world is starting to hear more and more about members of the anti-gun crowd “SWATTING” gun owners, specifically open carriers.

SWATTING, in case you haven’t heard, is the name people have given to the practice of calling the police and telling them someone has a gun and is actively shooting or planning to shoot innocent people. The goal is to cause a heavy-handed police response, with hopes of having the SWAT team arrive and storm the unsuspecting innocent with a violent and possibly deadly takedown. The video game crowd started SWATTING when the person about to lose the online video game would call 911 and send police to the home of his opponent.

Of course it is illegal. It is making a false police report. But people still do it and now that anti-gun crowd has decided they should do it every time they see someone with a gun. It is especially easy when the target of the SWATTING is practicing open carry.

The legal response to SWATTING should be swift and powerful for those people sending much-needed police assets against law-abiding citizens, but we can’t count on that. As long as these idiots can make anonymous reports, the police will still have to respond and gun owners will still be in danger during the police response.

So here is my suggestion on how to deal with the situation should you be SWATTED by some idiotic anti-gunner.

The first thing you need to remember is to keep your wits about you. If you and the family are just minding your own business at the mall and you are suddenly surrounded by police pointing guns at you and barking orders, I say follow those orders. Comply immediately. This is no time to become that guy who stands and argues, “I know my rights.” This is also no time to be the guy who starts hollering, “What is going on?” If you are on the business end of a heavy-handed police response, realize that you likely have been SWATTED and know that the person who called police told them you were an immediate threat and they should respond with force. Police arriving to such a call only know what the person on the other end of the line told the 911 operator. The caller could have said something like, “There was this guy threatening to shoot his wife if she didn’t shut up. He’s trying to act calm but he said he was going to kill her. You have to do something right away.”

That puts the police in a tough spot and you in a tougher spot. So, comply with their orders, be polite, and follow instructions. You might be handcuffed. Officers might separate you and your wife for interviews. The cops will very likely take your gun while they are trying to sort things out. If you remain calm you will have a better chance of convincing the police on the scene that you are not a threat.

Once the incident is winding down, it is time for you to start asking questions. Officers might not be able to tell you who called, but you can certainly let them know that you believe someone filed a false report and you want to make a complaint about that. Just remember to keep your cool. It may not be easy, because you have been wronged, but a calm demeanor will allow the situation to come back from the brink much more quickly.

There is nothing good about this and we as gun owners have every right to be angry if it happens to us, but we need to be angry at the callers, not the police. Taking an aggressive posture with the police will only elevate the danger. This is not a simple traffic stop. This is a situation where a caller has tricked police into thinking they are entering a very volatile and dangerous situation. It’s not right, but you need to help defuse this thing.

SWATTING is messed up on so many levels I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of idiot would do such a thing, but these are the kinds of idiots we deal with every day in the fight to protect our Second Amendment rights.

Just one more thing law-abiding gun owners have to deal with.


Special Thanks to US Concealed Carry for this great article.

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NRA Blended Learning – South Florida Firearm Training

Firearms Blog, Uncategorized October 17, 2014


Looking South Florida Firearm Training?

What is the benefit of having an NRA certified instructor teach my pistol training class?

Improvements to the NRA firearms training cirurricula have been steady throughout the years, starting with the development of student handbooks. NRA’s handbooks first contained hand-drawn images and have since evolved into black-and-white photographs and, more recently, high-resolution color photos. NRA’s course lesson plans have developed similarly, establishing learning objectives and helping instructors with time management. Overhead slides and PowerPoint presentations have allowed students to read information projected on a screen as the instructor taught the material. NRA created a warehouse and distribution system for easy ordering of the materials needed for each course, and NRAInstructors.org has become an exclusive tool for NRA Instructors to market their courses to students and renewing their ratings from the NRA.

The next innovation in firearms training is now upon us — blended learning. The blended learning teaching method combines an e-Learning student interface with instructor training and evaluation. The e-Learning portion will cover the curriculum that is currently being taught from the student handbook, and NRA Instructors will cover the hands-on firearm portions of the course, shooting exercises, the shooting qualification and make the final evaluation of the student.

The blended learning method insures that each student receives course information in a consistent manner every time the course is given. In addition, students can now complete the classroom portion at their own pace, on their own schedule. This allows the instructor to focus on student education, safety and skills with a firearm. NRA Instructors will still determine which students have earned their certificates and which students need more training. NRA’s goal is to always be the standard when it comes to firearms safety, training and marksmanship. Blended learning is just another step in delivering on that standard.



I won’t be able to schedule my training because students have to complete a separate classroom segment.

Instructors will still schedule the firearm segment classes but students will now have flexibility to complete the e-Learning classroom segment based on their schedule. Instructors will be able to schedule the firearm segment of each course in two ways. The first is on-demand, as students complete the e-Learning classroom segment. The second is to establish a date for the firearm segment and inform students that they will not be able to complete this without having successfully completed the e-Learning classroom segment in advance.

Students who do not have computers or internet access will not be able to get training.
Access to computers is widely available at public libraries in both rural and urban centers all over the country. The e-Learning classroom segment of the course will also be available using a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet. If the student is still unable to locate a computer, smartphone, or tablet, the instructor could secure access to one of these devices for them.

The e-Learning classroom segment cannot be done in a group setting.
NRA Instructors who want to do so can provide the necessary equipment for each student to complete the e-Learning classroom segment as a group.

The e-Learning classroom segment is just a video the students watch.

This e-Learning classroom segment is a learning management system that integrates the course content with interactive applications, lecture, animation, and review questions, which culminate in a final examination. The learning management system tracks students’ progress throughout the course, records, and missed exam answers. It provides materials for missed questions, and provides the instructor with information about the student before the firearm segment of the course.

The blended learning course will be like the current Range Safety Officer course.

The basic blended learning courses will be completely different, featuring both e-Learning classroom segment and an Instructor-led training segment.

Students who live in states that don’t recognize e-Learning classes for concealed carry permits won’t be able to get one.

This is NOT an e-Learning course, it is a blended learning course. Most states use the technique for delivering Hunter Education and Drivers Education. A live instructor is not required to show students the basic parts of a firearm, but with the blended learning system, a live instructor will ALWAYS have the final say as to when a student passes the basic course.
I will get fewer students because they have to go through an e-Learning class first.

The ability for students to take the e-Learning classroom segment at any time, day or night, weekday or weekend, will increase the pool of students for you to evaluate and instruct. You will no longer need to rent a classroom where you will spend all of your day.

NRA Instructors will not have the ability to price their own classes or determine if a student passes the course.
Instructors will still decide on the fee schedule, pre-range process and ultimately issue the NRA certificate. Students will not receive a certificate of completion for the NRA course until the instructor validates the student’s knowledge, skills, and attitude.

Students will not be prepared for the Instructor-led training portion of the class.

Even though the student has taken the e-Learning classroom segment already, NRA Instructors will have a process in place to ensure the student meets the standards for the live fire portion. This may include a safety test or shortened classroom review. As always, NRA is relying on NRA Instructors to ensure each student meets the requirements to earn certification.

Sign up for your NRA Basic Pistol Shooting course today @ Florida Gun Classifieds – 954.805.3440

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Story: My Concealed Carry Firearm Saved My Life

Firearms Blog, Uncategorized August 25, 2014

florida concealed carry

Why Every American Should Carried a Concealed Firearm

“Why do you have to carry a gun?”

“What are you so afraid of?”

“You must be really paranoid?”

“If you pull your firearm, you must use it! are you ready to kill another human?”

These were some of the things I hear constantly from my Liberal friends. They live in their own bubble where the sexual assaults, rapes, and murders are just something you see on the nightly news, but could never happen to them and so they cannot understand why I have a Concealed Carry Firearm. I want to know that if god forbid I ever was confronted with one of these situations, I know I have a damn good chance of making it home that night. I choose to Carry a Concealed Firearm because I do not want to be one of those people on the 6:00 news that did make it home. They just don’t understand that criminals do not care who you are or what you have, some people in this world are just ruthless and will do anything to satisfy their evil desires.

My story is one of a woman traveling alone, in the middle of the day, on a rural highway and came up behind an older model, slow moving pickup truck with a middle aged man driving it. I noticed after a mile or two that he was making sexual gestures in his side mirror at me. So, the next opportunity I had to pass him, I did. Should be the end of that story, right? Well unfortunately it got much worse. Now he was tailgating me down the hill coming into town and now had my whole rear-view mirror to work with. He started taking off his shirt and looked to be touching himself. I was mortified to say the least. I blew through a yellow light and turned onto a busy highway and he stopped for the red light. I pulled into a gas station not far down the road because I needed to use the restroom and wanted to get something to drink. Not the best idea, looking back. I waited with my doors locked until I saw that he had moved on and passed me up. I had parked nose in facing the convenience store and he pulled in behind me and blocked my car in. This is when I grabbed my Concealed Carry Firearm a walther pk380 and had it ready to go. He came up to my door and reached for the handle only to see me holding my Concealed Carry Firearm in my hand and turning to aim at him. He just had to see the gun in my hands to send him scrambling back to his vehicle to hurry and drive away. I called in the plates to the police and it was all over with but I was on high alert for several days following. I have told my story countless times and about 70% of the time, someone will ignorantly say to me, “if you have to pull your firearm, you must use it!” I’m sorry but these people are very WRONG! In my case, I had several things working against my being able to shoot.

// ]]>

  1. He was at an angle next to my vehicle that I was not able to get a clear shot.
  2. Second, there were a lot of cars and people around and if I missed I could have hurt someone else who was not involved.
  3. Also, he was not carrying any kind of weapon to assault me with

You always have to consider the aftermath of shooting someone in self defense. If all things were working together, I was prepared to shoot but my situational awareness kicked in and it was not a good option. There are other instances of not shooting but being able to safely mediate a situation just by having your firearm in hand. I recently watched this video which started my train of thought on writing this piece. Not every situation where you are forced to pull a firearm needs to end in tragedy. Post by Urban Moxy – Concealed Carry Handbags The other example I can recall is the Clackamas mall shooting in Oregon a couple years ago. This was where I grew up so it hit very close to home and I visited the mall and paid my respects to the people who lost their lives on that tragic day. It could have been much worse than it turned out though. I think it was only reported locally that the shooter ended up killing himself because he saw a man had a pistol locked on him but was unable to shoot him because of all the people around and was not comfortable taking the shot at the risk of hurting another innocent person. The media didn’t spend very long on this story because it was very close to the Sandy Hook shooting but I think it was also because it had an outcome that didn’t agree with the anti-gun narrative. This man is the hero in my book! Concealed Carry

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New Florida Concealed Weapons law: New Legislation that every concealed weapons licensee must know!

Firearms Blog, Uncategorized July 1, 2014

Florida Concealed Carry Law

NEW Florida Concealed Weapons Law: New Legislation that every concealed weapons licensee must know!

Governor Rick Scott Signs 36 Bills into Law

Governor Rick Scott signed the following bills into law today:

HB 21 The bill requires the Department of Education to create a uniform, statewide photo identification badge signifying that a noninstructional contractor meets certain background screening and other requirements.

CS/SB 56 The bill updates the protocols of the Department of Health and medical examiners when reporting and classifying the cause of death of an infant under one year of age who suddenly dies when in apparent good health.

CS/HB 93 The bill allows individuals obtaining or renewing their motor vehicle registration or driver license to make a voluntary contribution of $1.00 to assist the homeless.

CS/CS/HB 113 The bill creates a new offense making it a third-degree felony for an adult to knowingly distribute material harmful to a minor or post materials harmful to a minor on public and private school property.

CS/HB 135 The bill designates the following Brevard County properties as spaceport territory: the Space Coast Regional Airport, the Space Coast Industrial Park, and the Spaceport Commerce Park.

CS/CS/HB 277 The bill prevents an increase in the assessed value of residential properties as a result of installing a renewable energy source device.

CS/SB 284 The bill establishes a process for private schools to register to be notified at the same time public school districts are notified about an emergency occurrence in the local area that could threaten student safety. The bill also allows school districts, or private schools, to adopt a protocol developed by a licensed physician for the administration of epinephrine auto-injection by trained school personnel.

CS/CS/CS/HB 319 The bill makes changes to local transportation concurrency options which are designed to ensure transportation facilities and services are available and kept concurrent with local development.

SB 342 The bill allows the rental of homestead properties to be rented for up to 30 days a calendar year while maintaining the homestead classification.

CS/CS/CS/HB 375 The bill provides that the owner of a residence may be approved and permitted by the Department of Health as a maintenance entity for their own engineer-designed Onsite Sewage Treatment & Disposal System or Aerobic Treatment Unit.

HB 407 This bill protects Florida’s children by enhancing criminal penalties against convicted gang members who trespass in school safety zones and provides enhanced criminal penalties for any person who solicits or recruits children under age 13 into a gang.

CS/CS/HB 411 The bill codifies the two existing children’s initiatives in Orlando and Jacksonville in statute.

CS/HB 423 The bill exempts dyed diesel fuel used for commercial fishing and aquaculture purposes from the sales and use tax

CS/CS/HB 437 The bill clarifies Florida Housing Finance Corporation’s corporate roles and responsibilities.

SB 452 The bill permanently reauthorizes the public records exemption for a donor’s personal identifying information, held in the Joshua Abbott Organ and Tissue Registry.

CS/HB 461 The bill requires the Department of Education, in coordination with the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind and with input from stakeholders including representatives of the auditory oral community, to develop a model communications plan for use during the individual educational plan development.

CS/CS/SB 468 The bill codifies a pilot project by the Office of Insurance Regulation that provides an alternative mechanism to the insurance policy form filing and approval process for property and casualty insurance lines, excluding workers’ compensation and personal lines.

CS/CS/CS/HB 487 The bill creates the Freemasonry specialty license plate, establishes the annual use fee of $25, and provides that those funds will benefit the Masonic Home Endowment Fund, Inc.

CS/CS/HB 609 The bill amends the definition of bullying to include cyberbullying, and establishes new prohibitions for technology-related activities that adversely affects the ability of a student to receive an education or that disrupts the orderly operation of school.

SB 628 The bill provides a public record exemption for reproductions of photographic or digital images from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Driver and Vehicle Information Database for the certain people as part of their official work of the court.

CS/CS/SB 682 The bill provides for the approval and standards of certain beneficial uses of fossil fuel combustion products, the waste byproducts of burning fossil fuels. It also provides that the prohibition against hazardous waste landfills in Florida would not be applicable to these waste byproducts, should the United States Environmental Protection Agency deem them hazardous waste.

CS/CS/CS/HB 701 The bill prohibits the use or acceptance of electronic benefits transfer cards at establishments licensed to sell distilled spirits, adult entertainment establishments, pari-mutuel facilities, slot machine facilities, commercial bingo facilities, casinos, gaming and gambling facilities.

CS/CS/HB 801 The bill substitutes “certified school counselor” for the term “guidance counselor” to reflect the current requirement that persons employed as public school counselors be certified.

CS/HB 841 The bill provides clarification and consistency in use of a power of attorney, which is a legal document that a person can use to authorize another person to act on his or her behalf.

CS/HB 969 The bill provides statutory guidance to streamline the regulatory process for recreational vehicle parks and recreational camps when applying for a permit with the Department of Health and redefines the term “occupancy.”

CS/CS/CS/HB 999 The bill addresses issues ranging from special event permitting at boat shows to permitting authority for water wells to expedited permitting for natural gas pipelines.

CS/HB 1071 The bill amends various sections of Florida law in order to provide a standard definition and a uniform interpretation and application of the term accrediting organization.

HB 1157 The bill eliminates the sunset date of the health flex plan program. Health flex plans were established to provide affordable health care services to low-income uninsured Floridians.

CS/HB 1193 The bill strikes three of the five conditions resulting in the loss of the agricultural classification of land and removes the authority of the Value Adjustment Board to review land classifications and property exemptions upon its own motion.

CS/SB 1768 The bill permanently reauthorizes the public records exemption for individuals who apply for or receive paratransit services. Paratransit services are special transportation services to assist individuals who cannot otherwise access the public transportation system, such as persons with disabilities.

SB 1806 The bill provides that the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s rules on Total Maximum Daily Loads are exempt from legislative ratification requirements.

CS/SB 1808 The bill establishes the manner by which the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is to proceed with outstanding numeric nutrient criteria rulemaking and represents a key aspect to recovering state control over Florida’s waters from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

SB 1830 The bill streamlines the administration of the property tax, clarifies that counties are authorized to grant an additional homestead exemption of up to $50,000 to qualifying low income seniors, and broadens the ad valorem tax discount provided to disabled veterans to include veterans who were not Florida residents at the time of entering military service.

SB 1850 The bill exempts from public record the proprietary business information that is owned or controlled by an insurer participating in the Citizens Property Insurance Corporation clearinghouse program created in SB 1770 (Note: this bill was filed yesterday 5/29).

HB 4013 The bill eliminates the lifetime maximum amount of tax refunds a business could receive under the Qualified Target Industry ($7 million or $7.5 million if located in an enterprise zone) and Qualified Defense and Space Flight Business Programs ($7 million).

HB 7143 The bill reauthorizes the public records and public meeting exemptions for donors to direct-support organizations for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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Video: How to Draw a Gun From a Holster? – One Hand Concealed Carry Draw – Concealed Holster Training Drills

Firearms Blog, Uncategorized June 27, 2014

how to draw a gun from a holster

How to Draw a Gun From a Holster? – One Hand Concealed Carry Draw – Concealed Holster Training Drills

Brent takes us through his process of how to draw a gun from a holster. His technique is always drawing his concealed weapon with one hand.

As the video will show, with practice this can be just as fast as a traditional two handed draw. Brent emphisizes the importance of training and practicing at the range using real life senarios. If you are not comfortable using live ammunition to practice drawing your firearm from a concealed carry holster, ALWAYS practice with your firearm unloaded to get the motion down before attempting to use live ammunition at the range. This is extremely important. Safety should always be at the forefront of any gun owner’s mind especially when carrying a firearm. As my last blog on “Choosing the best gun for concealed carry” states, the holster is just as important as the gun. Make sure your holster is the correct fit for your gun. Kydex is usually the best way to secure your firearm because it has some retention. Retention puts pressure on a area of the gun, usually the trigger gaurd to securly “snap” the gun into the holster. There should be just enough retention to securely “snap” the gun in place and keep it there, but not enough where you have to struggle to draw your firearm.

Always obey the firearms rules of safety when learning how to draw a gun from a holster which are:

  1. ALWAYS treat any firearm as if it were loaded.
  2. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
  3. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

Watch the video below by Brent to learn how to draw a gun from a holster correctly.

Special thanks to Brent over at Mission Spec

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What is the best gun for concealed carry?

Firearms Blog, Uncategorized June 27, 2014

florida concealed carry

Concealed Carry: What is the best gun for concealed carry?


To determine what is the best gun for concealed carry you first have to look at the individual that will be carrying the firearm and ask yourself a couple of key questions:

  • How do you normally dress?
  • Do you always wear a belt?
  • Is your wardrobe tight fitting or loose?
  • How much experience do you have with firearms?

These are all questions that should be considered and addressed before searching the gun listings on Florida Gun Classifieds, to help you zero in on a specific gun to carry on a daily basis. Searching the Gun listings on Florida Gun Classifieds for guns for sale to find the best concealed carry firearm is a good way to find a gun that you will actually carry everyday, every night, everywhere you go. If you decide to do what I did when I first started carrying a firearm, to get the biggest, baddest gun with the most capacity and the largest caliber, I promise you that will probably last for about a month. You eventually will decide, “I’m just going down the street to the gas station, I’m not going to need it, ill just leave it in the safe.” and you’ll find any excuse not to bring the gun for the simple fact its too damn heavy and uncomfortable! Then you will be back searching the gun listings on Florida Gun Classifieds for guns for sale real quick. I learned my lesson on that one.


The best gun for concealed carry is a firearm that will feel like you are not carrying a gun, almost like your phone does in your pocket. The gun must be easily accessible and you must know the firearm inside and out. While searching the gun listings on Florida Gun Classifieds for guns for sale make sure you keep this in mind. One way to ensure you will be carrying correctly is to spend the money on a good quality holster. A holster should fit your specific firearm like a glove, covering the trigger guard completely. Weather you chose inside or outside the waist, the gun should be able to be drawn without any delay or obstruction. This goes back to the question about what type of clothes do you normally wear. If you wardrobe consists of jeans, a belt and loose fitting shirts, then an outside the pants holster will be the holster of choice. The outside the pants holster will always be more comfortable then an inside the waist holster. It will allow you to carry the firearm securely and also access the firearm quickly, while allowing you flexibility to do things such as get in and out of your car with ease, sit down comfortably without being stuck in the stomach and encourage you to carry more often than not. There are different versions of outside the pants holsters, and my favorite is a leather/kydex hybrid that securely holds the firearm, while providing the comfort of leather against the body.

If your wardrobe consists of mostly shorts without a belt, basketball shorts, t-shirts etc, then an inside the pants holster is probably the best choice. There are different versions of these available as well from leather, kydex, and also synthetic materials. My preference is a small leather or kydex IWB (inside the waistband) holster that covers the trigger guard completely. This will provide just enough material to securely hold the firearm while keeping the gun at a fingertips reach securely in place wherever you clip it. It should not move or slide around on your waist. While viewing the gun listings on Florida Gun Classifieds for your perfect concealed carry gun for sale, think about how you will be carrying the firearm before making a decision.

With any concealed firearm, training is an essential part of carrying. Without adequate practice drawing your firearm, the same gun you are concealing to protect yourself is essentially useless. The FBI statistics are that the average self defense shooting happens in under three seconds and consists of three shots. If you have to fumble to draw your firearm, you are too late. You should be able to draw your gun in under a second, and shoot at least two shots without aiming. This takes practice, especially to be accurate!  If you think buying a gun and sticking it in your pants will protect you from the bad guys, think again. Without adequate training your firearm is useless, and can even be used against you. You will find all kinds of guns for sale by viewing the gun listings on Florida Gun Classifieds. After purchasing a gun it is essential that you either practice with that firearm until you can draw, shoot and re-holster without hesitation.

I laugh at people that tell me they do not carry a round in the chamber, and then try to educate them on the reality that you will not have time to rack the slide in a real life self defense situation. If you do have time to rack the slide and draw down on someone, is it really an IMMEDIATE THREAT? Think about this: Imagine your life is in imminent danger and there is a camera surveilling the area. Your attacker approaches and you draw your firearm, hold it up, rack the slide, draw down on your attacker and shoot. Think about how that would look on the camera or how it would look to a jury. Although you might be legally justified, it looks horrible and a anti-gun prosecutor would try to take you down. Now the same situation with a round already chambered. You pull your firearm and shoot. Can you see how each scenario looks to an average person or juror with little or no firearm experience?

The best way to select a concealed carry firearm from the gun listings on Florida Gun Classifieds is to find a gun for sale that fits your wardrobe, obtain a proper holster and get professional training to build your skills. This is the key to concealed carry to encourage you to carry 100% of the time comfortably and ready for the unthinkable.

Gun Listings, Florida Guns for sale

Matt Adika – Florida Gun Classifieds









Matt Adika
President & Chief Executive Officer
Florida Gun Classifieds
11070 Wiles Rd.
Coral Springs, Fl. 33076
Tel: (954) 805-3440
Email: matt@floridagunclassifieds.com

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  • First Lady Vocal Over Gun Control: Promi...

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    First Lady Vocal Over Gun Control: Promises to “Confiscate All Firearms” Before Leaving The White House. First Lady Vocal Over Gun Control According to recent reports, Michelle recently decided to appear in Chicago to beg for more gun control. She stated that she and her husband both promise to “Confiscate all firarms” before they leave office […]

  • Firearm Suppressor Sales Expected To Exp...

    by on January 21, 2016 - 0 Comments

    Firearm Suppressor Sales Expected To Explode in 2016 LAS VEGAS — SHOT SHOW 2016 Industry firearm professionals and gun organization officials are forecasting firearms suppressors or “silencers” as being the next hot item that firearm enthusiasts will be purchasing in 2016 and continuing strong into 2017. In this article we are going to discuss how to buy […]

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